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  1. ohh thank you thank you! (im currently drunk lol)
  2. This wad is the best, I love it! however the backpack issue should be fixed... its annoying to try this single player on UV without.
  3. Hey check this out, a friend of mine laid the smack down at a cosplay thing. http://www.toplessrobot.com/2010/05/all_hail_this_guy_1.php
  4. Shuck

    Infinity Ward: B-B-Balls of Steel

    Have you seen a new game called darkest of days? Now that game is garbage. It's almost as bad as perfect dark zero.
  5. Shuck

    Infinity Ward: B-B-Balls of Steel

    OK OK I get it. Free speech blah blah. You guys go ahead and enjoy it. I won't be buying it. And yes, the no dedicated server thing also a bad idea.
  6. Shuck

    The 2nd annual Doomworld Halloween Thread

    "Give out laced candy to kids" It sure is good to see that this has 0 votes. lol
  7. Shuck

    Infinity Ward: B-B-Balls of Steel

    Yes, as I said before, I don't need motivation to kill my enemies. You kill them because they are the bad guys, not unarmed innocents. It's a game, and its supposed to be fun, not mentally disturbing. Oh, and I wouldn't call playing as someone killing innocents "proper motivation"
  8. Shuck

    Infinity Ward: B-B-Balls of Steel

    My mistake. It still doesn't make it any better IMO. It's still wrong. I don't need any motivation to kill terrorists. Just as I didn't need motivation to kill covenant in Halo, combine in Half-Life, or demons in Doom.
  9. Shuck

    Infinity Ward: B-B-Balls of Steel

    This is so horrible because you PLAY AS A TERRORIST in a game that you would expect to BE THE HERO! It's just in bad taste for them to do this. Terrorism is a very touchy subject right now and they are full of fail. There are other ways they could have done this... A cinematic maybe? Or let you play as a civilian trying to run from the terrorist, that would have been better gameplay wise too. The funny thing is they want to charge an extra 10 dollars for this game because "they think its worth it" I refuse to waste my time with such shit. I cant wait for this to show up on the news. This time I will agree with the media.
  10. Shuck

    Rage in Edge Magazine

    Want an open ended game where you don't have regenerating health? Try out Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Lotta people say this game sucks, but if you like realism, and are not expecting a Call of Duty clone, Go for it. I happen to like it.
  11. Shuck

    Wolfenstein Release Date Announced

    How does this only have 3 comments? This is awesome! (man I need to play return to castle wolfenstien again... I only played that game all the way through once...) Anyways, yeah Instant buy for me too. hell I'll buy anything with the id logo on it in a heartbeat.
  12. Shuck

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    oops I was doing something stupid. I was trying to edit existing sectors in "make sectors" mode, instead of "sectors" mode... hahaha
  13. Shuck

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    I've been getting alot of errors using this... same one over and over. "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Dictionary." I'm probably doing something stupid. Anyone know what this is?
  14. Shuck

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    VISTA Support! YES! Doomworld, prepare for my debut map!!!
  15. Shuck

    3D Realms Shuts Down, Doomguy Gets Revenge

    I can' believe this... I used to hate Duke Nukem because of what he did to the Doomguy back in the day. But then later really enjoyed Duke Nukem 3D. Now he's gone. It's like finding out that the bully who used to beat you up in high school died of a drug overdose before he could finish college. So sad...