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  1. DRON12261

    Best depictions of Hell in DOOM wads?

    If we're talking about one of the best renditions of hell in doom wads, for me it's A Doom Odyssey 2022. It's probably the most varied and canonical reproduction of hell I've seen for doom, showing different stages/layers in different episodes, starting with infected technobases, continuing with infernal landscapes and lakes, marble, wood and meat buildings, underground caves and dark nearly abyssal red depths. Wad takes the vibes of the ultimate doom and already fully develops and reveals these ideas. The hell that was in the doom 2, unfortunately for me poor and boring, as almost the entire setting and levels of the doom 2.
  2. My bad, I literally took the link from the one in the doomer boards. If you have any more problems with it, write me and I'll reupload it to my cloud. Now fixed UPD: As far as I understood, I copied the link directly from the doomer boards post, the link itself there was to google drive, but it was doomer boards that added some more redirection. It's a strange thing. I'll keep it in mind now.
  3. Eh, I'll have to make a megawad in return. Although, maybe in half a month will be the release of the second set of Russian Random Speedmap Pack, where the maps will be much more interesting)
  4. Name: "Gift For Dron12261". Format: Boom (but there is some enemies that were created with the MBF21 tech). IWAD: "Doom II: Hell On Earth". 100% Works: "From Doom With Love" V2021-10-12 | "Woof!" V12.0.0 | "Nugget Doom" V2.2.0 | "Cherry Doom" V1.0.1 | "GZDoom" V4.11.3 FreeLook/Jumping/Crouching: You may look around as you want (progress on the maps must be not affected by this), but jumping'n'crouching is very forbidden. Description: Allow me to present a mysterious gift for one Doomer-comrade named Dron12261. Why this happen all of the sudden? Is he having an birthday party or this gift is for Christmas or New Year Eve? Or maybe this is a goodwill gesture from his loyal brothers in arms? You don't have to know the answer to this question, because it is a canon event. An enigmatic Doomer-comrade named Doom Wads decided to gather few battle-hardened mappers together with one big goal: To show Dron that MAP07 (from Doom II: Hell on Earth) has something very fascinating and spectacular inside of it. Our builders from "Russian Doom Community" gave all of their best and created up to 18 various levels, each of them is connected to that famous "Dead Simple" in some way. You can like mancubuses and arachnotrons or not, but you gonna deal with many of their brothers and sisters in this map pack, if you dare to accept this vile challenge to destroy the big corrupted heart of the damned MAP07. Notes: There might be some problems with these source-ports: "Delphi Doom" V2.0.7 (OGG music just won't work) | "DSDA-Doom" V0.27.4 (crash to the desktop before final cutscene) | "DoomRetro" V5.0.7 (crash while attempting to load this map pack). Be sure that devs of these source-ports are nice people, so expect some patches in the nearby future, so you might enjoy these levels in your beloved source-port of choice! Also, there is no guarantee of proper work in these source-ports: "PrBoom+" V2.6.66 (no MBF21 support) | "LZDoom" V3.88b (no MBF21 support) | "Eternity Engine" V4.03.00 (it can't see custom enemies in UMAPINFO) | "Odamex" V10.4.0 (it can't see vanilla enemies in UMAPINFO). And please refrain from using mods that replaces vanilla enemies, since it can break progression on the maps and simply gonna softlock you. Google Drive (11/25/2023)
  5. DRON12261

    What's your favorite video game?

    Terraria, Sonic, Doom&Quake&Blood&etc
  6. DRON12261

    Xenobase (Doom 2 Limit Removing)

    A neat classic map with an interesting layout and awesome gameplay. I'm very impressed.
  7. DRON12261

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Yeah! Great job, I'll be glad to see if you develop this theme with additional colors and combinations with other textures, with this thing you can make a lot of things.
  8. DRON12261

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Just a little evening speedmap
  9. DRON12261

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just a little evening speedmap
  10. I'll leave it here if you want to experiment with it some more. I'd especially like to see what screenshots you'd take of the whole speedmapping set, because I was puzzling over it myself when I designed the post.
  11. Nice maps. I'll try to complete the full walkthrough when I find some free time
  12. DRON12261

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Continuing the topic with Perdition's Gate
  13. DRON12261

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Continuing the topic with Perdition's Gate