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  1. ConMan3222

    Every MIDI I've ever made for use in Doom

    I think that title is a reference to Civvie 11 in his video "PRO DOOM - The Original Trilogy".
  2. Well I followed the advise from @Firedust, and it worked. I will use g4.7.1 for the remainder of this playthrough of mine.
  3. I tried every single version that you listed, @alando1. None of them worked at all. It still refuses to not run. If you want to know the error, it reads: "Seg 0 references a nonexistant vertex 11816 (max 1225). The BSP will be rebuilt." If that was not enough, I have the Crash Report .zip file right here: CrashReport.zip
  4. My version is "g4.11pre-372-gfb7d1025", as it is the last version that makes the lowering walls function without getting stuck, as versions after it has that odd glitch. I might try it again with the current build, stable or not.
  5. Hey, Alando1, I tried to load up Temple of the Lizard Men 3: Gold Edition but it crashed at startup. To clarify, it crashed happened when it reached the TITLEMAP Map.
  6. ConMan3222

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Sweet! SEGA Jurassic Park Arcade!! That was one of my childhood favorites, too!!
  7. ConMan3222

    Realm Deeps 2023 Round-up!

    That cel-shaded one with that twenties aesthetic is named Fallen Aces, from New Blood Interactive.
  8. Good Subtitle, but Chex Quest 2 has an official subtitle: "Flemoids Take Chextropolis", I believe that it was called that.
  9. ConMan3222

    What are you playing now?

    As of now (07/29/2023), I am playing through Community Chest 4 (CC4) (2012)
  10. It is a MegaWAD from TeamTNT, the one's behind Final DooM. EDIT: Thanks for the "Soulsphere" Like!
  11. ConMan3222

    Doom E1M9 Remastered

    Thanks, it works now.
  12. ConMan3222

    Doom E1M9 Remastered

    The first link says "Page Not Found".
  13. John Carmack co-created both Commander Keen and DOOM. Two games that are completely different on both their tone, style, genre and target-demographic (Keen is a kids game. DOOM is meant to be for an older audience.)
  14. ConMan3222

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    "If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the 'Enclosed Instruction Book'!" Mario Mario, Hotel Mario (1993, Phillips CD-i)
  15. ConMan3222

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Smokin' Pinkguy