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  1. I'll be able to start in earnest this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for screenshots ;) I've just moved across the country and finally have my PC set up so I'm really hankering to do some mapping~
  2. I imagine the how the optimal routing plays and which tricks that can be used in the map are two of the key attributes in what makes a good speedrunning map. I think though the novelty of this wad (1hp) could be interesting not only because it's different but it makes for tense and exciting gameplay.
  3. I dig it, it's short and sweet and the arena is very much inline with SSTV. No real notes from me, it all worked well and was fun. I'm gonna have to try and see if I can max the map by triggering all the waves one after another. Nice work managing to get a secret in there, it's reasonably obvious but that works given the map is an arena. Edit: Just had a thought, it could be worth actually making selectable episodes via UMAPINFO. It would show up on all ports except for Crispy and could add a bit of novelty to help the wad stand out (as well as not affecting gameplay). Just a thought. Edit 3: Had a really cool idea that other people might want to use. In the arcade version you can see the production areas during the opening - the spaces above/between the walls filled with computer consoles, cameras, all the stuff needed for a TV show. I think this could work really well in a map(s) and could add to the scifi theme. I'll be trying to incorporate it into my map for sure. Edit 2: Here's some Super Smash TV and Smash TV youtube videos. I find them very useful in helping me to identify the particular voice and vibe the game has. If you've got an Xbox and you want a legal copy of the game you can grab 'Midway Arcade Origins'. SMASH TV: The Complete History - SGR (Arcade's greatest twin-stick) The History of Smash TV - arcade documentary Console Wars- Super Smash TV - Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis Super Smash TV by brisulph and JackimusWedge in 36:50 - SGDQ2018
  4. @ViolentBeetle Fair enough. If you need a hand with something just lemme know and I can probably help out.
  5. @ViolentBeetle I see my map is still marked as 'Doors in wrong place' on Sheets, do you need me to further adjust the doors?
  6. Yup, understood. Sorry, didn't have a chance yesterday, I'll do it today in a couple hours time and post here. Edit: @ViolentBeetle quilt-e2m3-rxn-v1.1.zip Connectors fixed - there's 3 total and I can add a North connector if needed but I'd prefer not to.
  7. I've done both a fair amount (I should find the old sketches. We need a map sketch thread!) and they both work once I get into the flow. So then, for me, it's about knowing when to use each method - sketching layouts fully or doing it on the fly. Sketching has been useful for me when I want to make a very specific kind of map. Either with a large set piece(s) or a specific flow. I prefer mapping organically with a general idea in mind to start which very often ends up changing i.e (mountain mine - big craggy cliffs, lots of imps on ledges - rocket?, cramped mines - dark with specters,linear winding in and out of mine, 2 key exit).
  8. Nice opening shot! The door behind the p1 start isn't flush with the floor. You can see the zombiemen's feet in the screenshot below. There are also some texture alignment issues in the starting room, if you unpeg lower and upper sides on a window it'll be aligned correctly. I was gonna complain about the lack of shotgun in the opening fight but it's actually fine. The zombies go down so easily with the pistol and the lost souls spice up the fight. Good work on making zombiemen actually dangerous! I like the look of the first outdoor area, I find it tricky to get outdoors to look good and yours does. I've got a very small suggestion, you could slightly vary the height of the sectors the trees are on so they aren't so uniform (i.e can make a sector around each tree and move it up or down a few units) Why am I dying every time I go into this tunnel (it's not monsters). It happens in other areas too. Is it damaging sectors used to block areas off? Ohhhh, map title makes a lot of sense when you open the automap, nice! Dang, the FreeDoom trees look great. There's a lot of ambient snarls from unseen monsters all over the map, it considerably adds to the atmosphere. After jumping in the hole I can lower 1 wall but the one after it doesn't lower and I'm stuck (complevel 2). I've humped all the walls and nada, no lift or door. I just checked the map in UDB and I think the WR line to lower sector 20 doesn't work in Nugget cl 2 or Crispy. If you change the line actions to 82 the sector will lower as expected. I'll post this now in case you want to post a fix. I'll edit this post with the rest of map after I play.
  9. Sweet, so all 4 cardinal directions need one? @ViolentBeetle Can you confirm and I can make the change without much hassle.
  10. Here's my E2M3 segment - quilt-e2m3-rxn-v1.zip I tried to cram as many memorable and recognizable locations and visuals as I could into a 1024x1024 box. I generally attempted to be as faithful as I could be so you'll see some funky stuff like flat change to nukage with no change in height which I feel just adds to the tribute. I've got 5 connectors, @ViolentBeetle if you need me to move any let me know and I can probably figure it out.
  11. reaction

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Picked up Supplice this weekend and am having a blast. I will gladly buy games made by people in our community, especially ones that started off being Doom related. It helps keep the hope in my heart that someday I can also do something I love for work rather than sell my soul to a corporation doing valueless work.
  12. reaction

    Why do you not use free look?

    Working with the autoaim is a big part of what makes Doom Doom for me. It's also a fun skill to have, one of my favorite shots to go for is a double rocket for a caco - one where he is currently and the second predicting where the first will blast him. You can do the same with freelook but it doesn't resonate quite as much for me.
  13. @ViolentBeetle I've worked on my map a bit after first signing up and I'm aiming to get it to to you by the end of this weekend (shouldn't need time extension but that depends on feedback). Maybe I'll post some screens today.
  14. Interesting to MAP07 doesn't work in GZDoom but does in Woof and DSDA, usually it's the other way around. I'll take a look and fix it if @Astro X hasn't already. @Doomy__Doom What isn't working in MAP07? Is it the final pillars raising after the massive caco cloud? @Clippy I'd recommend giving RC2 a quick jam (even just the new map01), it's got a smoother start and is actually quite fun IMO. @4shockblast I think speedrunners might be interested in the this set, especially the later and secret levels :)
  15. Sweet, if you do decide to dabble I've got some options here as well: