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  1. The only things to keep in mind are to avoid adding the super shotgun and the new enemies to your map. Also the map naming needs to follow the ExMx scheme instead of MAPxx.
  2. Quake. EDGE-Classic supports 3 quake model formats.
  3. Not in the immediate future, no. If I add more model formats then mdl and md3 take precedence first I'm afraid.
  4. Lobo

    Voxel rendering for S/W ports

    Quoted for truth.
  5. What windows version? XP? Win7? Win10?
  6. Lobo

    Crusader [DSDHACKED+MBF21]

    Just want to mention that this is not actually a DSDHacked project, but DSDHacked+MBF21. To run it the port needs both.
  7. The decision was made a very long time ago in the EDGE codebase to, by default, switch all switches that have the same tag and special. It's not vanilla behavior but it's been that way since 1998 so we will not change it so as not break any EDGE maps that rely on that behaviour. However, there is also a SWITCH_SEPARATE special flag for DDFLINE for the exact purpose of not having all lines with the same tag switch when one is pressed.
  8. Here is an example wad of what I think you want to do. scyon.zip
  9. Can you post the wad here so we can take a look? If you don't set the trigger as "tagged_repeatable" then it will only run once.
  10. @macroNo pressure on the Heretic stuff: we can add it for the next release so take your time. We just really had to get this version out as it has some important bug fixes and performance improvements.
  11. Just dropped a new release; it started off as a minor/bugfix type of release but gradually snowballed into a new version as more features were added. The full changelog can be found on the latest release page on Github, but here's a TL;DR: - "None" option added for Blood Level; will disable blood splats, crush/death states, and will teleport enemies away on death a la Chex Quest - Complete overhaul of faux skybox drawing: New options are Mirror, Repeat, Stretch, and Vanilla - Sector-specific and level-wide indoor/outdoor GL fog options have been added - New line specials to automatically stretch the height or width of their texture to match their length - Wall glows are now implemented (were previously referenced in the engine but were no-ops) - UDMF spec updated with the following supported fields: - linedefs: blockplayers, blocksight - sidedefs: scalex_top/mid/bottom, scaley_top/mid/bottom, offsetx_top/mid/bottom, offsety_top/mid/bottom - sectors: xpanningfloor/ceiling, ypanningfloor/ceiling, xscalefloor/ceiling, yscalefloor/ceiling, gravity, fadecolor, fogdensity - things: health, alpha, scalex, scaley, scale - Game Music Emu replaced with libVGM: All but one chipset (Wonderswan) supported by the VGM format will now work - Better support for Unicode characters from international locales in the program's path - Many bugfixes, including some still remaining from legacy EDGE
  12. @Scyon RTS scripts are processed all at once by EDGE. So, as you have seen, if you have an ON_CONDITION in your trigger then the whole trigger depends on that condition. If you have multiple ON_CONDITION in the trigger then they ALL must be satisfied even if you have other code placed between them. RADIUS_TRIGGER 0 0 -1 TAG 1 TAGGED_DISABLED Give_Benefit COUNTER01(1) On_Condition COUNTER01(2) Lose_Benefit COUNTER01(2) Enable_Tagged 2 END_RADIUS_TRIGGER This trigger will not run until activated via the TAG(i.e. a switch linedef). Even then, once it has been called, it will ONLY run if COUNTER01 is 1 or greater. It will NOT do the GIVE_BENEFIT COUNTER01(1) and then continue to the ON_CONDITION. From what you describe, the correct approach is this: "... is to have one script for each button to increase COUNTER01 and then another script with just an ON_CONDITION stuff."
  13. I'm afraid multiplayer support is a long way off at the moment. It's always at the back of our heads, but there is so much other stuff to do first :(
  14. EDGE-Classic can be played in a browser. https://edge-classic.github.io/play.html No multiplayer I'm afraid.