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  1. @Gibbon That icon isn't edge 1.35 or older. I think it's the Scourge or Hypertension one from Chu's branch. But it's not Edge-Classic that's for sure.
  2. @CeeJayYou should add a screenshot or two to your post
  3. The base is Edge 1.35: anything that works in that will work in Edge-Classic. As far as I've seen, removing the version checks has not affected anything that would be broken in 1.35 (perhaps some really ancient mods that would be problematic anyway). I'll check the forum issue and see what's happening. I've changed it to just "corbachu" without quotes: can you try again?
  4. BTW, if anyone is trying to register on the 3dge forum, the answer to the question it asks is any of these: Coraline Corbachu Cora
  5. No. People are already complaining that it's too smooth and lag-free as it is now. ;)
  6. It is a joke: It's a question CeeJay gets asked a lot about his EDGE mods.
  7. I cannot think of a way to respond that would not get me instantly banned from DW.
  8. It's first on the list of mods I linked further up. But definitely going to implement some of the new features when I get back to working on Aliens. Guess it'll be EDGE-Classic only next release 😉
  9. Edited thread to mention Hacx in the initial post. BTW, it's also got some widescreen support for the title/intermission screens too.
  10. Hacx works right now as an IWAD. Just didn't mention it: sorry! 😀 Didn't test it extensively but seemed OK. Harmony is indeed mainly Dehacked, except for the enormous sprites. Loaded as an IWAD, they should mostly appear smaller in EDGE-Classic, but as Red said, still needs a lot of work. It's sort of playable right now but there are issues (like infinite grenades!).
  11. @Redneckerz It's GL only version, same as 1.29 onwards iirc. Will rename the .exe. At first it was just edge.exe but we had to change it for reasons. Arachnotron: I like being able to punch them! ;) Little compatibility issues like that are present: this isn't chocodoom. Might be that weaponkick/autoaim is turned on.
  12. Here are some mods to try out if you're new to EDGE: https://www.tdgmods.net/smf/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3203
  13. Taking EDGE 1.35 as the base, we are working on a new fork with the aim of solving long-standing bugs and adding some quality of life features. Also, one of our primary goals is to have an EDGE that will run well on older or less powerful hardware compared to the 2.x fork. Right now it runs perfectly on Raspberry Pi for example. Major new features so far are MP3 support and .sf2 sound font support. Grab it here: https://github.com/dashodanger/EDGE-classic/releases/download/Preview-1/EDGE-classic-Preview1-x64.zip This is a preview release. We've still got some things to tweak and add, but it's stable build. Github page: https://github.com/dashodanger/EDGE-classic In-Game screen-shots of the mod Aliens: Stranded running in EDGE_Classic. EDGE-Classic team: ----------------------- *Dashodanger : coding. *Lobo : coding. *CeeJay: testing, feedback, ideas. CHANGELOG for EDGE 1.35.1 (since 1.35) ==================================== (Date: NOVEMBER 2021) Bugs fixed ---------- - TuttiFrutti effect. When the texture was shorter than the wall it was being applied to, the blank space was either filled with black or left invisible causing all sorts of graphical anomalies. Backported from EDGE 2.x branch. - OUCH face on the hud was using incorrect damage value. - Face on hud never looked left because random number was never > 1. - Linetypes [268](Monster-only Silent Teleport W1 (Boom)) and [269](Monster-only Silent Teleport WR (Boom)) were incorrectly set as PUSH instead of WALK. - Sliding doors activated by monsters now make the appropriate SFX. - Crash-to-desktop bug when using WEAKNESS class finally fixed. - Black screen after endgame: backported from 2.x branch. - oof sfx behaviour now closer to original doom. General Improvements -------------------- + Added more ammotypes: Now we have from AMMO01 to AMMO24. + Ignore COAL bobbing commands "cam.set_vert_bob" and "cam.set_roll_bob" + Improved HUD: -Added widescreen status bar courtesy of CeeJay. -Revamped Overlay hud. -Removed AIRBAR graphics from edge.wad and rewrote the coal function to not use them. -Splash footsteps sfx when walking on liquid flats. + Lines.ddf -Edited all Slider doors to use BDOPN sfx. + Removed #VERSION check for both DDF and RTS. + Made single option RTS MENUs respond to KEYD_JOY4 button. + Reduced Arachnotron width by 1. (Even though technically it is 64, this avoids issue with some pwads). + Reduced the lighting on several enemy attacks. + Default monitor ratio is set to 16:9 instead of 4:3 to accommodate most modern monitors. + Dynamic lighting and weapon kick are now on by default to better highlight some of EDGE's features. + Sliding doors now show on the Automap. + Quietly ignore music lumps which aren't MIDI/OGG instead of erroring out to Desktop. + Reduced the red tint while using the berserk power up. + M_SKULL1 menu cursor now uses DDFANIM (instead of being hardcoded to 2 frames). + Much improved Doom skyboxes from https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=53873&hilit=doom+skyboxes New Features ------------ + HACX can be run as an IWAD. + Parcial support for Heretic and Harmony iwads. + THINGS.DDF: -FALLING_SOUND for the player when they fall long distances. Backported from EDGE 2.x branch. -SECRET_SOUND entry for the player which plays when he enters a sector marked SECRET. Backported from EDGE 2.x branch. DSSECRET SFX from K8vavoom. -New SPECIAL flag: IMMORTAL. This thing never recieves damage from any attacks, but will go into pain states etc as usual. + WEAPONS.DDF: new DJNE weapon action for more robust weapon reloading. Backported from EDGE 2.x branch. Used just like JUMP(state_name:frame,xx%), but decrements the reload quantity for the specified attack and jumps if it's not zero. The jump chance is now interpreted as the attack specifier: 0% is the primary attack ammo, and non-zero percent is the secondary attack ammo. + Lines.ddf -Edited all Slider doors to use BDOPN sfx. -Added Hub Exit switches: [2000] to [2039] -Added Transparent Thick Extrafloors (for glass effect): [600]Most transparent to [603]Least transparent + Sectors.ddf -Added 2 new sector types: [50](Airless/Vacuum) and [65](Low Gravity) + Things.ddf -Added several dynamic light sources: [WHITE_LIGHT_FLOOR:7044] [YELLOW_LIGHT_FLOOR:7045] [RED_LIGHT_FLOOR:7046] [BLUE_LIGHT_FLOOR:7047] [GREEN_LIGHT_FLOOR:7048] [ORANGE_LIGHT_FLOOR:7049] and [WHITE_LIGHT_CEILING:7054] [YELLOW_LIGHT_CEILING:7055] [RED_LIGHT_CEILING:7056] [BLUE_LIGHT_CEILING:7057] [GREEN_LIGHT_CEILING:7058] [ORANGE_LIGHT_CEILING:7059] -Added the relevant entries for FALLING_SOUND and SECRET_SOUND to player thing. + Styles.ddf -TITLE.COLOURMAP, TITLE.SCALE and TITLE.FONT will now affect the Title in an RTS MENU (via the MENU_STYLE RTS command). -TEXT.COLOURMAP, TEXT.SCALE and TEXT.FONT will now affect the Options in an RTS MENU (via the MENU_STYLE RTS command). -BACKGROUND images are now centered and obey scaling defined either in styles.ddf or images.ddf. + RTS - Text TIPs now accept a 4th parameter (like TIP_GRAPHICs) which is the scaling to apply. - PLAYSOUND_BOSSMAN: sfx location now set on player. - New Command "EXIT_GAME": exits out of the map and back to the main title screen. + New MIDI Player - Timidity has been replaced by TinySoundfont, with support for *.sf2 soundfont files instead of GUS patch sets - A Roland SC-55 style default soundfont by Deemster has been included (https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=45600). Users with existing soundfonts can replace soundfont/default.sf2 with their own font if desired (must be named default.sf2; selector is in progress). - TinySoundfont is now the default music player for both Linux and Window builds. + MP3 Music Support + Titlescreen and intermission are now Widescreen compatible and use https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=67843 + COALHUDS: 11 new commands -player.kills() returns how many enemies killed on the current map. -player.secrets() returns how many secrets discovered on current map. -player.items() returns how many items picked up on the current map. -player.map_enemies() returns total enemies on current map. -player.map_secrets() returns total number of secrets on current map. -player.map_items() returns total items on current map. -player.floor_flat() returns the floor flat of the current sector we are in. -player.sector_tag() returns the tag of the current sector we are in. -hud.draw_number(x, y, len, num, align_right). hud.draw_num2() always starts drawing the numbers from right-to-left. This new function allows left-to right if we pass 0 for the align_right parameter, or the usual draw_num2() right-to-left if we pass 1. -math.random2() returns a random number between 0 and 10. -hud.game_paused() returns 1 if the game is currently paused or on the title menu screen.
  14. Looks awesome. Downloading as soon as I get home: love horror vibe stuff. Hopefully my poor potato PC can handle it. Does it run on zandronum by any chance? Runs smoother on my pc than gzdoom usually.