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  1. Even though both have different behaviours with other commands? i.e. the end map08 of DBP36:Aquatic_wonder. DSDA(and EDGE-Classic and Woof!) do one thing, GZDoom does another for example.
  2. Right, but the problem is your username, and so everything after that still has non-english characters (downloads, documents, desktop etc.) If you create a folder on C:\ and put the files there then it will work. Not saying this is not a bug which we won't fix. We will definitely fix it. But until then, doing this will allow you to play.
  3. It's still on your desktop, and has non-english characters.
  4. Lobo

    re-release Harmony

    So I need to re-buy Doom again to get this?
  5. Lobo

    64-bit Boom Editing Utilities removed

    Maybe he expected some gratitude and respect?
  6. Is it in a read-only location?
  7. Lobo

    DBP51: Deadly Ritual

    Oh sweet! Been waiting for this.
  8. Lobo

    Selection of EDGE mods

    If anyone has got any favorite that's not there, post here and I'll see about adding it.
  9. Lobo

    Selection of EDGE mods

    To coincide with the release of EDGE-Classic v1.2 I've set up a ModDB page where I have uploaded a selection of EDGE mods, both old and new to accompany it. Some highlights: Aliens: Stranded Arctic Wolf: Revisited Astral Pathfinder QDoom Duke it out in Doom 3.0 D64ified Immoral Conduct Doom Belmondo .... Some screenshots:
  10. Updated first post for the v1.2 release. Note: For vintage users we've got you covered with a special build that will run on Windows XP :) Also, I've set up a Moddb page with a selection of dozens of projects and mods, both old and new, to try out in EDGE-Classic.
  11. Lobo

    A Silent Hill map for GZDoom

    Looks awesome. Downloading ASAP
  12. The very first link in the first post takes you to the download page...?
  13. Lobo

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    Oh sweet!
  14. Love the episode titles 😂