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  1. SkyNet

    No CO-OP?

    I hope that informed everyone. I was skeptical about the whole thing, and since people over here seem pretty-well natured I didn't want anyone's copy destroyed. Glad I could help!
  2. SkyNet

    No CO-OP?

    Beware of DOOM 3 Exploits A post over at the Guru3d.com forums warns of a possible DOOM 3 CD key stealing exploit that everyone needs to be careful of. Apparently someone was advertising a co-op mode .pak file that when installed gives server admins the ability to access your CD key. Always be careful of of scams such as this and remember to never give your CD key out to anyone for any reason.
  3. SkyNet

    Strife and Vavoom

    I'm having a small problem getting Strife to load with Vavoom. I've tried virtually everything to get it to work. I've gone through the launcher and tried to load the files through but it gives me this error: ====== W_GetNumForName: sfxinfo not found Stack Trace: S_InitScript <- S_Init <-Host_Init ====== It's getting very annoying. Well, the real reason I wanted to play Strife on Vavoom was so I could play Strife over the internet with a friend. If anyone else knows how to play Strife over the internet (TCP/IP) and could explain to me how they get it working, i am in debt to you. thanks
  4. SkyNet

    Blood Online?

    I found the iC file on the internet. Nevermind--that supports tcp/ipx or something like that. But thanks anywayz
  5. Oh, hey, don't worry about it. I'll get around to it sooner or later, which might be later than sooner. Although I have ripped some of the static weapon sprites already, I still can't use those programs to rip everything (especially the RAW sound files). It's kinda a pain.
  6. SkyNet

    Blood Online?

    You have to pay for Kali now. That's the only thing, other than Icommit, that can run the game online (maybe others). I guess before SEGA acquired Heat.Net and Gamespy acquired Mplayer...
  7. SkyNet

    Blood Online?

  8. SkyNet

    Blood Online?

    Anyone know where I could play Blood 1 online, not including Kali. I have XP. Thanks DW!
  9. Thank you for your compliments, and I appreciate your suggestions. I've already got one guy aboard, so Doomworld isn't all that bad, as I've heard from some people. Oh--and I did see that Resident Evil mod somewhere around here, anyone know where I can download it? Just interested to see the features people keep talking about. BTW, I learned how to do Termovision, and the beta work looks really cool.
  10. You have to know how to talk and take care of business. ;) And I'm sorry about bringing Abandonware up. Technically, yes, this is pretty much illegial, but it would make for one helluva mod, don't you think? And I wasn't going to use the term 'recreating'...more like 'reprogramming' ;)
  11. Yeah, you're right. Any chance you could zip them and send them to me?
  12. Yeah, it only displays a limited number of sprites and textures...not much stuff there, it isn't compatible or just wont show in the status window for either program. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Yeah, I was thinking about that, but I might have something better in plan. By the way, those programs work great, but I can't do much with them...they don't like extracting things and stuff like that. They don't have much compatibility with the games, too. Little can be done that way, or maybe it's just because I have the shareware versions (I have full versions somewhere). I would also like to see if I can get someone willing to do the Termovision programming. It's been done in Skynet, and I know it could be done in Zdoom, it's just that I don't know any Zdoom programming :/
  14. Yeah, it would be pretty cool. Uh, I'm having trouble with my Yahoo password stuff, so in the meantime, you can reach me at skynet2k29@hotmail.com. IF you said anything or sent anything to my mailbox, well, consider it crap because I have completely forgotten my password. Bummer, huh? Oh yeah--AvP--that was total crap. What I have in mind is going to be much better than that--I just need help pulling it off. I was thinking of using Zdoom to just use Zdaemon as the networking...but this game (multiple wad splits) is already going to be pretty big...assuming I can find the tools to extract the data from all of the old Bethesda games. Keep in mind that this project has not started yet--I just got past the stage where I planned the whole thing out--now it just needs to get executed. I'm the type of ppl who want to finish something I start, so if everything goes according to plan, expect this game out by the end of this year...assuming I can get ample help here first.
  15. Hello. My name is Skynet and I'm new to the boards. Just recently, I have stumbled upon the old Bethesda Softworks games, entitled Terminator: 2029, Terminator: Rampage, Terminator: Future Shock, and Terminator: SkyNet. I've played all of them and don't look back to them kindly. SkyNet was cool, Future Shock was allright, and the rest sucked. I'm here to announce that I am working on a Total Conversion for the latest Zdoom engine, entitled Terminator: Reprogrammed Edition, and is to be a complete remake of all the old games. I have looked into it with Bethesda and all of the games are indeed Abandonware. If you guys don't support Abandonware I'm sorry I brought the subject up. Basically, I want to extract all the resources and rebuild all of them for Zdoom, into one game with some original levels. My plans are to make the multiplayer Resistance vs. Terminators, and Zdoom can indeed make all of my hopeful features come to life. I came here to ask if anyone is interested in helping me convert these old, lifeless games to the Zdoom engine. If you guys want to contribute in any way, please e-mail me at skynet2029k@yahoo.com. Keep in mind that I have experience, so I'm not just a guy with a project that will never see the light of day (like some I've seen here). So if youre interested, talk to me and we'll begin to do stuff. I mostly need Level Designers and Programmers, but other positions are open too. I'll design a simple site here in a couple of days with information.