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  1. Commibstrd

    Go 2 It?

    Hello All, I've been addicted to playing Final Doom on Ultra Violence (my favorite skill level) and I decided to try Go 2 It about a month ago. Wholy crap does this level ever end? Has anybody ever tried playing this level without any cheats on UV and beat it? I've killed 5 Cyberdemons, 30 manc's, 4 Archy's, 2 Spider Masterminds, 15 of her Children, and about 20 pinky's. Care to guess how much I have left? 7 cyberdemons, 5 Archviles, 10 revenants and about 20 Arachnatrons, and sometimes Pain elementals show up out of nowhere! To make matters worse they're all in a close area, and to my knowledge I have to kill every one of them to advance through the level. I don't think there's enough ammo left on the map to kill them all lol I'm sure some hardcore doomers have beat this level on this skill level, but hot damn this is easily the hardest doom level I've ever played! You peek out the window and about 200+ projectiles come at you and your 200 health and armor go to zero in 1 second flat. If anybody has beat this level without the aid of cheats on Ultra Violence, let me know. If you haven't tried it and want a real challenge, give it a try and let me know what you think. PS: Who the hell thought of the name for this level? There's some sick people out there lol
  2. Commibstrd

    Where can I find the sound effect for the BFG impact?

    Hey thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it. I've always had a feeling there were programs to extract stuff from wad files but I wasn't sure what they were until now.
  3. Hello, I'm taking a computer game development class for fun and I've ran into a small problem. My game is heavily Doom based and it uses lots of sprites and sounds from the game. Right now, my problem is I'm lacking some of the sounds I need to use in my game. I'm a huge classic Doom fan so I want to make my game to drip with as much Doom astmosphere as possible. My game is a 2D Diablo style Doom game. It's going to be crappy by anybody's standards in appearance and will absolutely pale in comparison to Doom 2D (I'm using the same program that the author used to make that game, which is Game Maker). If there's one thing I'd like to get right, it's the sound effects. So here's my question: Right now I'm lacking the sound effect for the BFG impact (I have the sound of it charging up and firing). Does anybody know where I can find that sound file? (preferably .wav or .mp3) To me it would sound really goofy if I have the sound of the BFG charging up and firing only to have a really gay substitute sound effect when it impacts with it's unfortunate victim. I'm also lacking the sound effect of the Super Shotgun firing from Doom 2. If any of you know where I could get these sound files I would greatly appreciate the help. I have all the Doom games so it's a little frustrating that the sounds are right there but I just don't know how to extract them. My game may be crappy and sucks but I think the sound effects would make up for it's shortcommings if I have the right sounds. This is my final Game Project and it's due this Tuesday so I don't have much time left. Thanks
  4. Commibstrd

    Classic colors mod

    Dude... you're awsome... BTW can somebody tell me the command to spawn a Caco demon, I looked for the commands on the internet and I found it.. but it doesn't work the command that I saw was as follows: Spawn monster_demon_flying_cacodemon I've also tried: Spawn monster_demon_cacodemon somebody know the command to spawn it? PS Did you somehow make those two monsters fight each other? Because I can't get them to fight each other in game...
  5. Commibstrd

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    Dude, excellent work... I was hoping somebody would remake Tower of Babel Since Tower of Babel is kindava boss level for E2, how bout somebody remaking Phobos Anomoly? It's the first time you meet Barons of Hell in the game, and it had a really creepy atmosphere to it. Keep up the awsome work, love the screenies
  6. Commibstrd

    Useful editing links

    Thanks a lot man, I really like the second link... added to favorites
  7. Commibstrd

    Online Mod idea

    I've always wanted an online mode where you can play as the demons...but no one seems to know how to do it yet. :(
  8. Commibstrd

    So, what's your first map gonna be?

    Batman doom lol If I were to recreate a map, I'd recreate E1M8 and E2M8 (Phobos Anomoly and Tower of Babel):)
  9. Commibstrd

    A mod idea for Doom 3...

    I do play AVP2, but I think the Doom 3 engine would still better suit the immersion factor than a suped up half life engine.
  10. Commibstrd

    A mod idea for Doom 3...

    Ok I don't know how much people are going to be able to do with Doom 3 as far as modding is concerned but i just thought of an idea. Anybody remember that Alien mod for the original Doom? I was thinking, I think it would be really cool to have an Alien mod (Or even an Alien Vs Predator mod) for Doom 3 simply because the Graphic's engine could make it almost like the movies. Think about it, Doom 3 is filled with Dark hallways.... You're a marine with your Motion tracker, you get multiple blips on it... then suddently you hear noises in the distance and before you know it BAM! Xenomorphs slashing at your throat. And since the lighting effects in Doom 3 are so good... if you had Predators in it the cloaking effect would be interesting to tinker with no? Just an idea, one that's problably already been thought of multiple times. Any thoughts / opinions?
  11. Commibstrd

    Favorite map of all time.

    Ultimate Doom: Phobos Anomaly (For the same reasons the previous poster who liked E1M8), Tower of Babel Doom 2: Tricks and Traps, Gotcha!
  12. Commibstrd

    Idea for a Multiplayer mod..

    Interesting concept you have there... kindava split option thing... What your suggesting could be considered a "tree branching" system, where you require to be certain monsters before youc an get certain monsters. Damn you people have some cool ideas
  13. Ok what I'm about to ask may sound really stupid so brace yourself Is there a way to have a Deathmatch game with monsters in it? You know, just random monsters walking around while you try to kill each other? (I'm not trying to describe Coop mode) The reason why I ask is I have never seen a Death match map with monsters in it.
  14. Commibstrd

    Idea for a Multiplayer mod..

    No idea what you just said, but that's because I don't know how to mod lol Wish i knew though... I'm still trying to create a decent level with Doom Builder, not working out to good :S
  15. Commibstrd

    Idea for a Multiplayer mod..

    Yeah all these ideas sound cool... Damn, could you imagine this multiplayer mayhem with Doom3's monsters? Wow.. lol But keeping to the point, I like the general idea of earning points to get better monsters and starting out with a certain class depending on your skill level, like Darkhaven said Keep the ideas coming! I like what i've seen already