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    prattle! don't say the words useless!
  1. 666

    What's Your Favorite Skin?

    I think we needn't the ALLOW CHEAT SKIN option. Somebody don't like DAISY, CRATE, HISSY & so on because his skill is not enough. That's players' problem, not skins' problem.
  2. 666

    My project

    I'm Going to Beijing this Saturday. I'll be back about Aug 20. Then I'll talk about Beijing Skulltagger here.
  3. 666

    509 (Bandwidth) error on Skulltag.com

    AS SOON AS IT'S COMPLETED prattle! don't say the words useless. Tell me the date. Haven't happened. So it's not a exact date. So about when.
  4. 666

    New Guns?

    Skulltaggers: Don't count on it. I want new weapons too. But I trust: Bradc Will never work about that. New game modes: I think FIST MELEE & CHAINSAW MELEE
  5. 666

    509 (Bandwidth) error on Skulltag.com

    OK. Then, When will skulltag 96 release? (Don't say WHEN IT'S DONE, That means nothing) About when?
  6. 666

    Version v0.96 Plans/Thoughts

    Now I order the bots: 1 In Team DM must can choose a team, Fairly. 2 In Duel, must auto join into the game. 3 Must find the flag or skull very fast.
  7. What's difference between VICTORY & WIN? There should be Red Win and Blue Win
  8. 666

    EDGE Feature

    When can we play Net game or play with Bots on EDGE?
  9. 666

    Skulltag 96 News

    Tell us: What in skulltag 96? 1 New monsters 2 New UPS 3 New Sphere 4 New Rune 5 New weapon 6 New maps 7 New Game mode 8 New Menu
  10. 666

    early skulltag v0.96

    Hey, Manager please come to here destroy this topic
  11. 666

    Auto Skin Download

    I often use my DIY skin on ST. But the other players can't see my masterpiece. So I want a new Feature in Skulltag 96 Auto Skin Download. Join into a Server. Somebody is using a DIY skin, Or You were in a server, Some body join after you using DIY skin, Skulltag will download the skin wad into \skulltag\skins\ OK?
  12. 666

    509 (Bandwidth) error on Skulltag.com

    Right! Somebody long time no Skulltag.com. They will not longer count on Skulltag. It will be ...... So, Release skulltag 96 or Fix Skulltag.com soon
  13. 666

    509 (Bandwidth) error on Skulltag.com

    I know: Bradc shut down the website purposely. He wants to give us a pleasantly surprised. I mean: Skulltag 96 will release, Skulltag will be able in the same time!
  14. 666

    New port I want

    Who wants to take up this great mission? Make such a port? 1Must play & know about both Skulltag and CS very well. 2Can make a programme well
  15. 666

    BFG10000 Bug

    Its Ammo Per Shot is Problem: Some time it's 5 cell, Some time it's 20 Cell