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  1. Im creating my own legion of DooMers to ensure its survival in the years to come ;)

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    2. Scuba Steve
    3. DMFDxUconn


      Nmn said:

      Nope, I can clearly see the PSX Doom Status Bar (hint: look at the weapons display instead of overall ammo in far right of the bar)

      Anyway.. DMFDxUconn-do You remember about those drawings I asked You for? I haven't seen them. C'mon, post something, I'm really eager to see some of Your works.

      Well since about exactly the time we last talked my life took a turn. Going through a divorce, moved in with my girl friend and trying to settle in. I went from a fulltime dad to a weekend dad and now i work like ive never worked before. Such is life though. Right now im not using my PC and dont have access to a scanner or anything that i can use to get my stuff on here. I havnt forgotten tho. I'm still just as much into DooM as i ever was, only now wishing i could hook my PC up and download some of the latest goodies i been missing out on. My PC has been collecting dust for over 2 months now... BAH!

      Anyway, as soon as i can, i'll fulfill your request, i promise :)

    4. Bashe


      Scuba Steve said:


      He/She will be a trooper someday...

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