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  1. How old were you when you first played Doom? and on what system? I think i was 22 when i first played it on the Sega Genesis 32X.
  2. DMFDxUconn

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    Im hearing dozens of different people talking about the minimum specs to run DooM. Everyone is saying something different. I cant remember where i read it, probly here somewhere, but i thought i saw that the minimum spec for a video card was going to be the Geforce3. So does that mean ANY Geforce4 will be good enough? Im still stuck in the 64mb category. I have a GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB with AGP8X. Im equally split on replies ive gotten on other forums, half say yea i'll be fine, but i wont be able to max out. Others say i wont even be able to install DooM with this card. I need to be sure, i cant go out and buy the card i need before i get the game, and i dont want to buy the game if i cant play it yet. I'd buy the card first. So.. what do you all think here.. am i gonna be able to play DooM3 with a 64mb card, on 800x600, medium settings accross the board? Thats how i play all my games. Raven Shield purrs on my system at those settings. I really really hope i dont have to wait for D3.. this will surely suck the big wazoo.
  3. Im creating my own legion of DooMers to ensure its survival in the years to come ;)

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    2. Csonicgo


      Danarchy said:

      WTF, where did my post go? Me and someone else had posts here that said this was stupid, but now they have been deleted. Are we not allowed to have differing opinions now?


    3. Danarchy


      Yeah, you know what? I insult people's stupid posts so they think twice about posting more stupid crap, thus keeping our forums free of shit. I'm doing you all a favor!

    4. Csonicgo


      Danarchy said:

      Yeah, you know what? I insult people's stupid posts so they think twice about posting more stupid crap, thus keeping our forums free of shit. I'm doing you all a favor!

      yeah, but.... this isn't shit. these are KIDS here! :D

  4. DMFDxUconn

    Are you a cheapskate?

    None of those options suit me, so i didnt vote. But when going to a grocery store, i will look for Buy one get one or 2 free deals. I wont buy budget brand foods, yea, some are just as good, but the majority do taste different, they arent called budget brands for nothing ;) Other than that, yea im always looking for deals on any major purchase. I wont buy online, but i will search for the cheapest place to find what im looking for, than even travel a bit out of the way to get it, factoring in gas and everything. If its cheaper in the end, thats how i do it.
  5. DMFDxUconn

    Go Sox!

    This is exactly why i follow the 162 game regular season in the papers, and than i watch the playoffs. Thats when it gets exciting, untill than its just logging stats :|
  6. DMFDxUconn

    Go Sox!

    Some call it the curse, i call it the Bill Buckner Syndrome. Go Yankees :)
  7. DMFDxUconn

    Arch Ville-- The bastard...

    I was gonna say.. Thats Pumpkinhead.. but you beat me to it. GJ :)
  8. DMFDxUconn

    PC controller/gamepad

    Nostromo N52 hasnt let me down yet. With all the games i play, theres only 1 that i dont use it with, NFSU.
  9. DMFDxUconn

    Most FPS you have gotten on the highest settings

    Alienware P4 2.4ghz 512 RAM Geforce FX 5200 Asylum 256mb Play D3 @ 1024x768 High Detail & Shadows = on most of the other options = off 60fps (capped)
  10. DMFDxUconn

    Doom 3 Pictures

    Here you go Tiny. I just zipped em all up and you choose which you want to use, im sure you will find what your looking for though. Keep me posted on the comic. Email me through my profile, or leave me a private message here. Thanx, and gl with the comic. http://www.dmfdclan.com/temp/d3screens.zip
  11. DMFDxUconn

    At the beach

    Went to Topsail Island this past weekend and still couldnt get DooM outta my head! http://www.dmfdclan.com/Doom/sand_doom.jpg http://www.dmfdclan.com/Doom/sand_doom2.jpg
  12. DMFDxUconn

    At the beach

    i'll dig some stuff up. This will gimme a reason to finally hook up one of my scanners.
  13. DMFDxUconn

    At the beach

    That entry wasnt hand drawn. It was all done using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Thanx for the compliments though. For me, drawing by hand isnt even a challenge. It comes as second nature to me, weather i do it everyday, or as little as possible. It always has. I am trying to get good at computer imaging, hopefully someday i'll be able to make a buck or two off it. Ive won countless drawing contests.. even won that ancient contest they used to put in TV Guides, the one where you draw the chipmunks head, or the turtle.. whatever they were, it was what got me started, winning that contest. I think i was 12 years old at the time. won $200.
  14. DMFDxUconn

    At the beach

    lol, i saw a few people stop and gawk at it.. its a private beach, mostly old folks, so yea, i can imagine it freaked out a couple people.. lol, oh well.
  15. DMFDxUconn

    Think you're a badass at DOOM3?

    I took the videos down, but by reading the posts, anyone can get a good description of them.
  16. Look what i found outside my bedroom window. Im being invaded.. or im just playing too much DooM.

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    2. AirRaid


      Fredrik said:

      That's a spider.

    3. gatewatcher


      DMFDxUconn said:

      Your all a bunch of short bus riders.

      At least we made it to English class. So tommorow, when it comes to pick you up, make sure you get on.

    4. Bloodshedder


      I'll chalk this one up as one of the worst blogs ever.

  17. DMFDxUconn

    Think you're a badass at DOOM3?

    it takes me alot of clips with a pistol to drop one zombie. Every shot hitting the chest area, maybe 2 or 3 head shots.. i didnt want to miss. 1st video is just 30 seconds, no kill. http://www.dmfdclan.com/Doom/d3_videos/shooting_zombie.wmv 2nd video is all the clips combined till the zombie drops. http://www.dmfdclan.com/Doom/d3_videos/zombie_kill.wmv On Marine difficulty. This is the intention of this mod?
  18. DMFDxUconn

    Think you're a badass at DOOM3?

    Wholy Crap... i installed this mod and i have a question. With as hard as it is now to kill anything, is there enough ammo in the game? I hit was i was shooting at every time and ran out of ammo way too soon. Are head shots the prefered method? Or does it matter where you shoot them? This one is gonna be tough!
  19. DMFDxUconn

    DMFD DooM Fan Page

  20. DMFDxUconn

    DMFD DooM Fan Page

    Sorry, but none of the games on the site were even thought of 10 years ago. Nice flame attempt tho. The page is exactly what it is. Why waste bandwidth so people like you can download files from us? Its a simple "Fan Page", thats why i called it that and not a website. Lets see yours.
  21. DMFDxUconn

    DMFD DooM Fan Page

    no, sorry i didnt use the same layout as every other clan on the internet. My bad for being original. Next time, i'll make sure to just copy and paste a site like everyone else. I'm sure your site kicks ass tho, right? lets see it.
  22. DMFDxUconn

    Baron of Hell

    WOW.. nice work, on both pieces.
  23. DMFDxUconn

    heh (very small clip)

    I laughed.
  24. DMFDxUconn

    My Little DooMer

    Heres a pic of my 9yr old daughter, playing DooM for the first time. "can i play the monster game dad?"