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  1. SportsterV90

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Already found the way up (seems to be it is my fault): And thank You for respond!
  2. SportsterV90

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Sadly softlock there is at the very end of the first map. Jumping down of the final elevator w/o activating it leads to noexit area.
  3. SportsterV90

    Insanity Edged - Released

    Pieruskwurje, You makes me cry abandoning (?) Super Natural!
  4. SportsterV90

    DEFY THE OMPHALOS - /idgames release

    It is so unusual, it is simply genius! I like this mod, it is some kind of game art, thank you!
  5. SportsterV90


    You created a bunch of wonderful maps. Why not to link them all in a single wad? It must be a great adventure!
  6. @whybmonotacrab ThankYou for respond, I`l try to be clever next time! But so many talented people created such impressive things here, so it won't be a shame to mention them yet one time!
  7. What an exciting Game! Such terrifying atmosphere! Definitively the best horror in Doom! In addition a lot of exploration and secret discovering with puzzle-solving game type as a little cherry on the top of a delicious cake! Absolutely Outstanding! Did You planning a sequel?
  8. SportsterV90

    Sigma-X [5 maps demo version is out!]

    Absolutely outstanding project! Can`t wait for final release! There are any news?
  9. SportsterV90

    S.U.P.E.R Natural: Demo

    I can run it only repacking .zip w/o folder inside (gzdoom 4.10) What a beautiful game! I never play such horror Doom mod before! It is absolutely outstanding! I wish this mod will be a completed game somehow.
  10. SportsterV90

    Judgment Day

    Wow! Very impressive! Good challenge, I want it more!
  11. SportsterV90

    A very large map I made!

    Awesome map.
  12. SportsterV90

    Mordeth - FEB'97 version

    Very cute vanilla wad! Very nice for 1997.
  13. SportsterV90

    Miasma [on /idgames]

    I love this green hell!