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  1. notadoomer

    Funny gun ideas

    how about you replace the enimies with charachters from games that really sucked. NOT ANY DOOM GAMES HOWEVER!
  2. notadoomer

    SNES Doom mod

    in the snes doom, all the flats are solid colors
  3. notadoomer

    More Keys?

    you could use dehacked to make some items that aren't used able to be picked up somehow and change the pictures of them to make different ones like purple and green cards. I think that might work with other suggesitons
  4. notadoomer

    directions to boom mirrors

    ok then, how about other versions?
  5. I would like to know how the sky textures work. i have seen them in doom 2 but don't know how they work.
  6. notadoomer

    I have everything but a partner

    I have never been able to try death match because i don't have anyone to play with. is there any websites where you can dm other people or something? Is there anyone out there?
  7. notadoomer

    Funny gun ideas

    for enemies it would be funny if you had like civilans that carry around pretty weird stuff instead of hellspawn. for example you could have a retired army seargent carrying around an uzi for "protection" instead of a stupid chaingunner.
  8. notadoomer

    Idea for a Multiplayer mod..

    you could have it set up so you can start out as a shotgun guy or a former human commando(heavy weapons dude) and work your way up so if you were origionally a shotgun guy, you'll end up a cyberdemon one day and former chaingunners would be spider masterminds
  9. notadoomer

    directions to boom mirrors

    1 question, where can i download a copy of boom, or do i have to buy it?
  10. notadoomer

    Funny gun ideas

    stink bombs exploding bibles?
  11. notadoomer

    screwed up Iwad, and no copy of origional!

    i was trying to make a wall texture out of the flat slime 14 and deepsea somehow deleted it. I swear, once i get that flat back, i will back up the iwad at least 5 times in 5 different locations
  12. notadoomer

    I tried to make a level without sky

    I have made many without a sky texture, for example i made a 5\6 level wad with only one sky sector in all i believe. it was caves so it would have been where he fell in. The bottom line: IT IS POSSIBLE
  13. My favorite editor of all time is dck and i would want to know what other people use to make their wads. so what is your favorite editor of all time?
  14. I was using deepsea (unregistered)one day and i screwed up the iwad. i acidentially removed a flat and i don't know how to fix it because i lost the copy of the disk for the iwad. Oh yeah, it is doom2 and i am not willing to try to buy another copy of the game.