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Everything posted by BrainSt0rm

  1. The scream sounds cool if its not constant. Maybe you should scream a bit when you pick "it" up and when attacking, but thats it. Sneaking up on someone and only screaming as you attack would be sweet. YEAARRRRRRGHH!!! "What was that?!?..." Looks left... looks right... Steps around the corner... ARGHGHGHGPUNCH!RGHRGHRGKICK!RGHRGHRGHBITE!ARGHGHGH...
  2. BrainSt0rm

    Multiplayer is Client-Server

    Quickie info about c/s and p2p.
  3. BrainSt0rm

    UA-Corp website (not updated, but an idea)

    Kewl bit o' flash if I say so myself...
  4. BrainSt0rm

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    I spend the day at Six Flags and lookie what I find when I get back! YIPPIE! OMG OMG OMG I'm so happy! I'm SO happy! I'M SO HAPPY! I"M SO- **pees** Aw, now look what you made me do...
  5. BrainSt0rm

    Doom 3 in Foxtrot

    The best foxtrot was when the mom joined MAGG - Mothers Against Gory Games. Peter wanted to play "Vice City" and all MAGG would allow was "Nice City". "Shoot, hit reset. I stepped on an ant." LOL
  6. BrainSt0rm

    Scan likely not true........... (PROOF)

    hmmmm, well; heres hoping.
  7. BrainSt0rm

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    23 and I played the shareware version on a friends laptop. It was an old IBM thinkpad. Been hooked ever since.