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  1. kalamari22

    def files??

    Well I've purchased the official Prima strategy guide to doom 3. In the back they refer to the def files, located in the base/def directory. Well doom 3 works great for me, I've played through it once, but I don't have any def files! The folder isn't there, and a search for *.def returns nothing for doom. Can anyone help?
  2. kalamari22

    dumbs you HATED to play

    N64 Castlevanias. It makes me angry just talking about them.
  3. Ideally Doom 3 will become a legend itself!
  4. kalamari22

    "Face" of a Spider

    I think they're talking about the obvious polygons jutting out of the head. Doesn't really bother me.
  5. kalamari22

    Would you like a more "Realistic" rocket launcher?

    I don't really need it realistic - just not like the Q3A one. LOUD is the main thing for me. BIG and LOUD.
  6. kalamari22

    Melfice's Updating Spoiler

    I believe it's only the subscribers who have it at this point.
  7. kalamari22

    Monster Info

    Now those are some high-quality spoilers right there. Can't wait till the pc gamer is in stores - anybody have a date?
  8. kalamari22

    New XBOX Screenshots.

    Exactly! They just seem to be somehow even lower-res...?
  9. I don't think so because all the classic doomers have withstood the temptations of leaving it for modern gaming for so long now that it really can't happen. Doom 3, for me, seems designed to work with classic Doom for a totally awesome gaming diet.
  10. kalamari22

    Helluva Task...

    Yeah, same here. Maybe it'll come with some kind of tutorial.
  11. kalamari22

    Co-op mod?

    Saying Half-Life doesn't offend anybody ("We don't need other games to suck for ours to be good"). People have talked about a Coop mod for a long time now, but I don't think it'll be possible until a good time after the release, when the mod community has grown and possibly (wishful thinking) the source code gets released. But that's just IMO anyway.
  12. kalamari22

    So who's going to edit for Doom3?

    I'm going to if I can. Depends on the complexity, but if it's radiant-based it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.
  13. I hate that comic. :P
  14. kalamari22

    Doom 3 box....

    Couldn't agree more.
  15. kalamari22

    "Face" of a Spider

    In my opinion the new trite is at least 8 times scarier. The almost hollow look to the eyes make them so creepy!