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  1. Revenant100

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I learned that The Master Levels has its own officially id Software-sanctioned canonical ending text screen (as opposed to the non-canonical text no doubt written by some schlub at Williams for the PS1 port) which can be seen defined in BFG Edition's code. For convenience, I shall transcribe the entirety of id's written passage here: They clearly spared no expense. However, this ending text screen may only be seen in exactly one version of the game: Doom Classic Complete on the PSN for the PlayStation 3. Not even the recent Unity re-releases feature this ending text since all of the Master Levels levels there are played individually. As the aforementioned PSN release of Doom is no longer available for purchase, though, I believe that means we can officially declare this Master Levels ending text screen to be lost media. These words will never again to be witnessed by the eyes of us mere mortals, its existence to be passed down from generation to generation only through vague recollections and remembrances. Edit: Nevermind, I found it in a video.
  2. Revenant100

    Is Doom 64 a canon prequel to Doom 4?

    It's all in the numbers: Final Doom Can't buy it on any current gen platform or device (PC doesn't count), effectively erased from history No Rest For The Living Can't buy it on any current gen platform or device (PC doesn't count), effectively erased from history The Master Levels Available now for purchase on PS4, Xbone, Switch, Android, and iOS devices! I rest my case.
  3. Revenant100

    Is Doom 64 a canon prequel to Doom 4?

    The recent re-release of Unity Doom 2 now proves that Final Doom and No Rest For The Living are not canon, but The Master Levels now are.
  4. For decades, the location of Doom 64's plot line has been hotly debated. The manual's story blurb is supposedly "vague" about its place of action. Check the Mars wiki page and you'll see suggestions that the game may take place directly on the planet's surface. But Doom 64 ain't on Mars, baby! Of course, to provide a definitive answer, we need an official source. And what source is more official than Doom 64's own official Nintento 64 website? Check it: https://web.archive.org/web/19971011204447/nintendo.com/product/n64/doom/index.html Check through a few pages, and what do we find? Looks like got ourselves a canonical answer to our long standing mystery! But perhaps a one-off mention isn't convincing enough for some. Maybe we need more confirmation. That's why we have a double confirmation, baby! Looks like we got ourselves some history books to rewrite. Doom 64 canonically brought us back to where it all started on Phobos! And because there's not much else interesting to this thread, here's some original concept art for the Doom 64 Pain Elemental which has seemingly been lost for the past 22 years:
  5. Revenant100

    Civvie11 Pro-ish Doom 64

    Regarding the correct names for the new weapon and new final boss in Doom 64, I've gone straight to the only source I know that can undeniably answer these questions in an official capacity: Prima's Doom 64: Official Game Secrets guide. Ergo, the correct names we should use from now on are "Alien Laser"/"Alien Gun" and "Boss". Any other terminology used to refer to these entities are henceforth and have always been non-canon. We have a lot of sites, articles, and posts to retroactively fix. Also, I do not have Bradygames' Authorized Guide to Doom 64, so I can't speak for what that particular guide says, but I naturally assume that "Authorized" is a step down from "Official".
  6. It's easy to see how a fullbright sprite or lack thereof can go overlooked given that's essentially what we can identify happened with the monster firing frame errors that have already been addressed by the DeHackEd patch. However, those follow straightforward and logical rules (monster muzzle flash = fullbright, no muzzle flash = no fullbright), whereas the items and power-ups are more up for debate. Without a clear answer as to id's intentions, I can see a lot of arguments being made either way in the case of the Berserk's fullbright sprite, but given the secondary priority of the DeHackEd alterations, particularly with respect to avoiding potential conflicts with mods, it's generally best to stick with consistency and err towards the status quo. For the Berserk, it seems it follows the rule that all power-ups (as defined by the idbehold cheat) should glow. The only slight exception is that the Light Amplification Visor blinks rather than glows constantly. Ergo, the Berserk should remain fullbright to stay consistent with the rest of the power-ups. Of course, the definition of "power-up" starts to become muddled when you consider the source code and the manual, but the DeHackEd fixes aren't the focus of this project to warrant such semantics.
  7. Revenant100

    Bizarre, Inconsistent Signal 11 Crashes (PrB+

    This is a long shot, but for anyone who can reproduce a signal 11 crash on command, have you tried running the game with the -nosound parameter? If that avoids a crash, how about playing with the -nomusic parameter? Years ago, I was experiencing frequent signal 11 crashes in PrBoom+, but it seemed only my particular setup was susceptible to it. The -nosound parameter did circumvent my crashing problem, but that's obviously not ideal. Ultimately, entryway released an update which fully solved my particular crashing issue, but these sound disabling parameters may at least help you narrow down a cause right now. Also, entryway told me to use the -devparm parameter when looking out for crashes as that will force the engine to produce an address during crashes rather than the generic signal 11 message.
  8. Gregor Punchatz, who you may recall worked on a little known game called Doom and some obscure sequel, recently posted a demo reel which includes a few seconds from a "cinematic pitch" he worked on for Doom 4. (Timestamped at 1:27) This, of course, appears to be from the ill-fated "Call of Doom" era of the game. To my knowledge, Punchatz was ultimately not associated in any way with the final Doom 2016.
  9. Revenant100

    confirmation of new quake game in the works?

    However, we can likely write this off as a typo considering these are the same guys who think tere's only one slipgate, think Ranger entered the first slipgate with a machine gun, think Ranger never returned to Earth, forgot to check Doom to see what Doomguy looks like, don't know what aspect ratio correction is, and a whole cornucopia of other egregious oversights, but most importantly and tellingly of all, they think Shamblers have fur. What a bunch of maroons!
  10. Revenant100

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    But since it's already been established that this port is not demo-compatible and hasn't been since its origins many years ago, it should be no problem to make non-canonical gameplay alterations now.
  11. Revenant100

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    But such perceived space composition is entirely dependent on how the texture is applied within the maps themselves, and when it comes to consistency in this regard, there isn't any! This is how the texture looks with my aspect ratio corrected sprite fixes: What you deem to be better space composition of the original incorrect aspect ratio texture would not apply in these instances. ROMEROOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  12. Revenant100

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I'm way ahead of you, which of course is why I'd like to use this opportunity to announce the SIGIL Sprite Fixing Project! For readers in the not too distant future arriving here from an external link, you have most assuredly noticed and been greatly distracted by how all of the new Christopher Lovell artwork included in SIGIL is unnaturally stretched vertically by 20%. This is due to the fact that the aspect ratio was not considered when importing the graphics in the WAD. As such, I have taken the liberty of tracking down the original artwork and redoing the new graphics while taking the aspect ratio correction into account. I also ensured that my adjustments and processing of the artwork was faithful and authentic to the appearance of the original SIGIL graphic lumps. As of this writing, these sprite fixes are up to date with v1.21 of the WAD and are compatible with both the SIGIL_v1_21.wad and SIGIL_COMPAT_v1_21.wad versions of SIGIL. Simply load SIGIL_v1_21_SPFX.WAD after either one. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rcgNP84MgE1i-Bzeur3cqbKU48Zw28Ni/view?usp=sharing Preview comparison:
  13. Not all of the muzzle flash sprites are in my sprite fixes as they weren't changed. You'll find the Pistol's muzzle flash sprite in the base DOOM2.WAD as PISFA0, and if you want to edit its position, you should copy this unchanged sprite to the sprite fix WAD and then adjust its positions there.
  14. I'm not quite sure I understand the question. If you want to raise the cropped portions of the sprites into the viewing area, you can edit the WAD in SLADE and raise the pertinent weapon sprites by +32 on the y-axis.
  15. The uncropped weapon sprites are indeed already there. See this comparison: However, the reasoning behind the original cropping is that the deleted portion is never visible on-screen. Even when the weapon is bobbing around, it will never rise above the cropped point. Hence, the restoration of the uncropped artwork is effectively invisible since the extra parts of the sprites will never be seen under normal circumstances. However, they are included nonetheless because they're completely benign to normal functionality and the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, and BFG sprites were left uncropped anyway, plus there's the off chance that some unorthodox modding or source port may allow viewing of the uncropped areas.