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  1. I've made a lot of maps that I gave up on or never released mainly due to not knowing if they're any good and being a bit overly critical of myself. This is the first map I've ever released and it isn't even the best start. I reckon in my pile of maps there's probably something better to send out first but oh well. It's an E2M1 clone pretty much because I like the feel of that map and wanted to do something like it. Although I think I took the "like it" a bit too literally. I initially designed and tested the map using PSX Doom CE as I like the *a e s t h e t i c* of PlayStation Doom. In that department I think it's also lacking, there are probably some design choices that maybe wouldn't fly with real hardware and I reckon there could have been more coloured sectors. Otherwise, I hope the map is at least playable and somewhat enjoyable... DOWNLOAD PSX DOOM CE - A_Lotta_Bricks_PSX.7z ( Original version that was made and primarily tested with ) Vanilla - A_Lotta_Bricks_VANILLA.7z ( Version of the map that uses stock Doom 1 textures ) Vanilla PSX - A_Lotta_Bricks_VANILLAPSX.7z ( Version of the map that has the used PlayStation textures included and coloured sectors but still runs with an engine like GZDoom ) The vanilla versions replace E1M1 PSX Doom CE version replaces MAP09 Freelook is fine. No jumping. Feedback is very much welcome. I'm particularly interested in thoughts about enemy placement/usage and the overall map design/layout. *Tested with GZDoom version 4.10.0 and PSX Doom CE version *Does not work with ports that don't support the UDMF map format Update: 26/04/2023 Screenshots
  2. Wouldn't mind giving this a go. ( Even though I'm not actually too familiar with Doom 64. ) I guess if I can I'll take map 25. Maybe my lack of skills with doom mapping will work for this.