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  1. daimonreloaded

    help me! some good hexen map!

    no, no.. i found it in this website: NO - USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST anyway i've downloaed all the maps, sooner or later i've told you what i think about this maps in voting section
  2. Hello to all. Since recently i've found the original iwad of Hexen: Beyond Heretic, and i want to play also to some cool maps. Could you give me some links to best in your opinion maps? Thanks a lot and sorry (again) for my bad english...
  3. daimonreloaded

    Diet 32in24 (10/21/07)

    what's going on on this project?
  4. daimonreloaded

    ScoreDoom, Enhanced SP & Coop Port v1.9 r4

    CRAZY!!!1 >@_@< Very cool idea
  5. daimonreloaded

    What is everyone's favorite installment of DOOM?

    Let me think... I will almost saying can i always preferred the first doom, and expecially episodes one and two. Also plutonia is great IMO.
  6. a very large, complex, nice classic style map. BTW some things will needs a fix (like lowered doortraks, for example). Oh, and the music used for title\intermission isn't reallly cool.... i said this after playing the first release of this map. BTW excellent work, keep it!
  7. daimonreloaded

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Thanks to replied already, btw i've one the first public release, and ,as usual, is a great megawad...
  8. daimonreloaded

    Diet 32in24 (10/21/07)

    still issing one detail, and this 32 in 24 session (probally) sees the ligth on the doomworld
  9. oops i'll need to come back in my steps, i finally seen all the website and the shots too. Very beatiful expecially the hell sky. Now i hearing also "Storm Pit" from the myspace website of paul corfiatis\nemrac, very nice song (altougth dance music isn't my favourite style of music) oh, whatever there's the "Desperado" movie waiting me at tv. Bye.
  10. geocities website is down
  11. daimonreloaded

    New Skulltag DM Map (feedback as strongly accepted!)

    all rigth, so i'll see to fix the outdoor, ok? bye.
  12. Hello to all! This a death match level for skulltag, and is untitled "Daimon Dojo". If you remember the movie "Matrix", there's a part in the where Neo and Morpheus fighting into a sort of little martial arts gym (dojo), well i'll tried to remake a similar place but this time you'll use the doom\skulltag stuff over the bare hand figthing (altought it will be cool ^_^)... BTW here we are the download link: http://www.speedyshare.com/763570264.html feedback as strongly appreciated, since dm isn't my first mapping priority(heh).
  13. daimonreloaded

    The /newstuff Chronicles #310

    heh, another \newstuff coolness! and LOL.! BTW: it comes from doom 2 remake (yes, zdoom2: HOE...) is a heretic screwd into a future place. Hell yeah, Deathzor, is crazy! Yes, is the last one. And, yes is horrible, boring and stupid. Wonderfull Doom, Sine Die, Epic, DW29, Another Bloody Chapter and 32 in 24 5 is the best maps for this week. Belial map is cute but have very less ammo in it. rr_r map is a crap remake of "Face your fears" Bucket DM isn't really bad. Good worth downloading. Glassyman rocks. BTW the next will be "1monster" cronichles (how exagerate ^0^!) bye!
  14. daimonreloaded

    Diet 32in24 (10/21/07)

    I'm sorry for the double post BUT i've finally finished to detail (detail....) the impboy map Title: The Michael Moore Haunted Halls Music: "Tommorow she goes away" by the first and the greatest punk rock ever, The Ramones! link: http://www.speedyshare.com/633216499.html
  15. daimonreloaded

    A Megawad for 2006 (1monster) [Finished]

    Or a similar thing using the monster\bosses resource wad, or the monster in torm667 bestiary. Hell yeah, somenthing like "Z1Monster"