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  1. Youn

    What was your first M rated game?

    Maybe The Immortal (1990) they had some gruesome death sequences like MK.
  2. I like these types of games too. "Out of this World", "World of Goo", "Limbo", "Ico", "Shadow of Colosus"... all had minimal story ELEMENTS but felt epic due to the implied story that unfolded over time.
  3. I'd love more gothic style settings, gritty castles, dungeons, lava filled caverns, etc... I was never a huge fan of the techy/earth settings, they just don't allow for very much creativity IMO... give me some never-before-seen breathtaking FANTASY based environments, the skies the limit if we are entering another realm (HELL) I think many of us are tired of seeing the future new york crap, we saw that already a dozen times, it's just so boring. Bring back huge HELLISH monsters too, I did like the ones who were half demon half tech, but I could always do without the human/zombie types.
  4. Youn

    id Software 20 Year Anniversary Video

    Cool, I learned a little bit I wasn't sure about before, like their attitude with engine licensing and that Carmack was getting sidetracked a bit... glad he feels he can focus more now on making new stuff. I am excited about an engine using voxels/whatever... especially if it's destructible. The VR stuff he's looking at now is kinda neat too, but I'm a bit skepticle that'll be a big deal next generation... but he probably will know better then most what the next big thing will be... I just hope Rage is good... please be good...
  5. Youn

    Going to the Source

    If you want levels that look like quake then sure, but anything like the level of detail in doom 3 or beyond it definitely takes more time modeling, textures, lighting, etc... I'm not sure there's anyway around that, the future generation of tools probably won't make that easier, except the conversion process (from modeler to game) I don't see how that fits into doom source code modification though. You are better off writing a good "blender to doom 3 script" or something... that'll get more hobbyists making levels for it, maybe? or Sketchup to Doom 3... hell, that might already exist, and sketchup is an easy as pie "level maker"
  6. Youn

    Going to the Source

    I might play through the game again if it looked like this: http://doom3.filefront.com/potd/121979 but I'm not sure if that is a real mod already, and not something that requires a source code mod. Anyone?
  7. woops, disregard my last post ;) yeah, it comes down whether or not motion blur at lower frame rate is more practical then no blur at higher rate
  8. as a "video production geek" you should know something about motion blur. look it up
  9. Youn

    id Launches New Website For Rage

    This game looks awesome. Yeah, I hope they explore more environments then has so far been shown - and I expect they're keeping some a secret, otherwise it'll be a let-down - but really the artistic direction is stunning. I wonder how the developers think of the tools, and if we'll be able to use them...
  10. Youn

    id Launches New Website For Rage

    lol, I hope they don't try and make it into doom 4, but a "twist" in the story and setting would be great. I'm still assuming there's alot of places in the game we've yet to see and surely because of the technology the artists can do a variety of settings easily... If they learned anything from doom 3 it's that people like variety. Let's hope they deliver
  11. it'd also be fun to have a pet rabbit who you love dearly, and the demons stole it and you want it back... maybe that's the story line... would be funny anyways
  12. I also want big epic large-scale battles with tons of demons and other demonic critters, their bodies piling up around you (they don't vanish, just lay there in a bloody mound) like the original doom poster. Also gibs and spilling guts when you shoot enemies, and yeah make the weapons more powerful, but keep it simple no gimmicky weapons more demonic references, less sci-fi ones. more freaky ritualistic stuff like heads on sticks, people hanging from ceiling, human flesh stretched across wires, etc... just gut-wrenching crap like that. The more gory the better. pools of blood, dead enemies you can drag around and make blood trails (maybe that detracts certain enemies from crossing - or some kinda gameplay element there) the ability to cut up dead enemies and use their body parts for puzzles/weapons/rituals/etc... who knows? Maybe the brains of some enemies are good sort of drug and you need to dig it out of their skulls first? level-design wise, I want more open areas, demonic castles/dungeons, blood/skin covered caves. If it's "hell on earth" then at least give the demons some time to start building/infecting their own surroundings so it's not just all "earth" but also alot of "hell" As far as story goes, the idea that you are alone in the world is fine. If you were coming back to earth or wherever from a trip and found it completely took-over with demons, fine. If you have to travel to hell to fight them, fine. I guess I don't really like too much sci-fi stuff in there though, especially bad voice acting by actors from syfy channel - please no! A good story is good, but if it's not great then scrap it and give more reason to play the game - like, oh i dunno, make it fun!?
  13. yeah, you mean like this one... http://images.eurogamer.net/assets/articles//a/3/2/0/0/0/7/ss_preview_140402_2.jpg.jpg ...would be great to see this kinda variety in the game, I still think they are not going to show us everything anyways, keep stuff a surprise. The artists have the talent and probably want to show it off
  14. Youn

    Rage Gameplay with Willits at E3 '10

    Anyone else notice the pentagram graffiti on the wall, looked like a doom reference :) I hear him say there will be different environments, and we haven't really seen more then desert/sewer setting... it would be neat if it went to snow, tropical, old town (not futuristic), skyscrapers, etc... just a huge array of settings that they won't show off until the game's released. That would be a nice surprise, and really show off the tech (being that every surface is unique, they could easily do this, right?) The only thing that stood out that looked kinda "bad" was the water, looked very UT2003-like. Everything else looked good, and it's surprisingly vibrant and easy on the eyes (unlike gear of war 3 which I just watched, it looked really "flat" and hard to tell what was going on) I also appreciate the fact they seemed to listen to the main complaints about doom 3, being too slow, dark and repetitious. I'm personally looking forward to this title, and wonder how the PC version differs in quality.
  15. you mean like a gun that ejects spinning buzz saws, that slices and dices and even juliennes? That might be cool... as long as you can see where you are shooting :) personally, I'd like to see more "contra" type action and more bloody guts "splatterhouse" like gore...