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  1. bcrt2000

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    ah you caught me on that one :) sorry was being a bit lazy, the truth is that studies show that the eye can't distinguish between anything higher than 60 fps.. people saying that they can notice the difference between them is probably pure BS (if they are staring at the fps counter and saying yeah i can notice a difference, its purely psychological) or an artifact from the way computer screens are drawn maybe it wasnt 60fps, but it was something like that... edit: you can just throw out the whole 60 fps thing i just said-- just read up a more recent article on eyes, and they say its been proven that we can see up to at least 220 fps, and probably more than that
  2. bcrt2000

    No CO-OP?

    you should play the game the first time around alone (preferably at night), on veteran with the sound cranked up.. you're not going to get scared by the game if you're playing it with your friend in the same room or playing co-op.. it will ruin the whole experience
  3. bcrt2000

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    movies are usually filmed at 24 fps (i think sometimes 22 or 25), tv shows are usually 30 fps (although i think regular tv signals are 60 fps).. the eye can see a maximum of 60 fps