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  1. Lonespacemarine

    ZDS #848 - Demonfear Deathmatch

  2. Lonespacemarine

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I once was the newest doomworld member
  3. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    "Rise and shine Mr freedoom, Rise and shine"
  4. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    Thanks. I will definitely take that advise
  5. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    Yeah, it doesn't matter tho. He did end up dieing
  6. Lonespacemarine

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Black n white
  7. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    36 km near the jaws of defeat The portal collapses behind me as I make my way through the hell labs. Seems like the aliens had taught the hell beings the ways of technology, a other aspect of hell I could give a fuck about. I shoot a demons it does not die. I realize that the powerful demon is the AGM president. He told me that hell uploaded his consiousness into hell and became a have rot and have alive demons and wanted to relese the full might of hell on the tired earth. After 2 minutes of hand to hand fighting hell disapears and he says im the jaw of defeat. Jaws of defeat I teleport into a room a fuckload of weapons and I teleport into the main room. The jaws of defeat seem to be spawning demons but I see a lift. I have be quick and shoot rockets into is exposed brain. I destroy it and I fall into the debris to my death. Hell is a wreck. I catch a glance of the portal that opened. A grassy field. I get crushed to death but I know my sacrifice is not gone vain No one will know what happened No one will know who saved them No one will remeber you Freedāˆžm
  8. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    January - 12 120 hours till collapse _______________________________________ I have to destroy hell before the portals coklat and then I will take care of the AGM forces . I move through the cities sewer system and other facilities outside the actual city, as I swiftly move through them I get a messege that the free earth has kicked the AGM out of north america which is goof but im all the way here in europe and waiting for force will be to late. Far to late. January-13 106 hours till collapse ________________________________________ I move through the city outskrits, now im in the city itself, seems quiet, to quiet. Boom now I know that the city has 500,000 AGM troops and a fuck to of demons. Here we go Febuary ?? 24 hours till collapse ________________________________________ 1 day, 1 day, 2 km to go , 1200 forces to deal with. I fight my way through the deeply infested heart of the city. Where in the distance I see a fortress with the portal around a lake of blood?? 1 hours till collapse I recive a video where the AGM presiden and his officials are killed. But I know victory will be short lived. I have to jump in and destroy hell once and for all
  9. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    January-12 2090 AGM 114 rebel ship ________________________________ I was preparing equipment for landing and as I looked around the ship I saw a few worried rebels. I asked them why where they worried. They said the the AGM was attacking earth. I was trembling in fear because the AGM soldiers where highly trained and profesional. I tell myself not to worried as we prepare to land. I get a gut feeling that something is gonna get wrong January-12 2090, 200 hours till portal to hell collapse ________________________________________ As we land. We are welcomed by the soldiers of the free earth republic, we where given a force of 100 men for raiding rest of the starport. As we make our way, one of us steps on a landmine. AMBUSH!, our entire squad is wiped out and im heavily injured. But I somehow make my way to the location and tell to myself " this wasnt welcoming" and shit I only have the fucking pistol. Well here we go
  10. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    Anyways I posting the phase 2 lore
  11. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    So AGM right here is a evil space corporation similar to the uac. After funding from usa they disappeared for 20 years and people discovered they where in pluto,horizon and ceres and wanted to take over earth. So they quickly made a large army made out of highly trained soldiers or just super soldiers. Karl was a soldier of the agm. So that explains why both have the same armour
  12. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    Wow our thoughts about the minigunner are so same
  13. Lonespacemarine

    Freedoom lore

    Wow same