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  1. SpaceMSpiff

    Mod-ons to doom3

    Well i know that there is a lot of information out about doom3, i thought that why not start talking about the cool ass ideas of created games for doom3. I know that it will come with the level editor i was wondering if anyone was going to come up with cool ideas or mission packs.. That's bacisly what i ment! SPACEMSPIFF
  2. SpaceMSpiff

    Best Mod Ever!

    This mod that i will make is going to revamp the dooming way! It let's the player Use a chainsaw as basic weapon and you can ge upgrades to it by collecting stuff from the level.. And the handguns they are going to be sweeet! and your main weapon of choice is a 12 Pump action shotgun that can shoot diffrent rounds of ammo! Sweet isn't it!! SPACEMSPIFF
  3. SpaceMSpiff

    Doom 3

    If you get the chance check out stuff from E3 but you should all ready know that... SPACEMSPIFF
  4. SpaceMSpiff

    Mod-ons to doom3

    Well, i've heard a lot about the new doom3 and my questions have sparked in my mind.. Some like, will there be add-on stuff like in half-life? Will it comeout for Xbox or ps2, And one of my most intresting things i'm intrested in is will it come with a doom3editor to creat your own levels. I still don't think that it will, so what do you think is should have? SPACEMSPIFF
  5. SpaceMSpiff


    I guess it's time to tell you all why i hate Duke Nukem so much... Well here is gose.. It all started a long time ago.. I was still playing Doom for the very first time.. So i decided to try other games like Doom.. Well the first one was Duke Nukem It was okay and all but it lacked the first person which i thought was kick ass.. Then after a while i got to Duke Nukem 3d.. Now to tell the truth i was shocked.. It was a Doom rip off.. just about.. Also it wasn't that good.. The Story maid no sense and well i just didn't like it that much.. Besides It was a one time thing.. it's not like there is going to be a Duke 3d 2 out in stores when Doom 3 comes out..Right? Well anywho.. I just never got the thing.. It was too much of a Doom Rip that I said to Hell with it! So there is my I hate Duke 3d background..
  6. SpaceMSpiff


    I'm not Cypher!!! For the Tenth time.... Jeez.... And why do you ask for money and a telephone number? I'm just a normal doom freak! And Duke Nukem 3d Blows huge chunks!
  7. SpaceMSpiff

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    I don't know much about the cult classic but hey, it sounds good and looks good so there for it must be good.. Right??
  8. SpaceMSpiff

    Who dishes out the most hurt.

    I can't really tell who dishes out the most hurt.. But i can tell you when you're out numbered by imps and low on ammo it's not a good thing....
  9. SpaceMSpiff


    Who the Hell is he?? ZZ_TOPPER_X Tells me that this isn't going to end well..
  10. SpaceMSpiff


    oh.. I heared of you... So that's who you are... hmmm..... (gatta think..... gatta think about something else...) Nevermind...
  11. SpaceMSpiff


    Oh him... ummmm.... Last time i checked he was out... *Cough*NOTPLAYINGDOOM*Cough* so i got rid of him...
  12. SpaceMSpiff

    What do you think of GBA Doom?

    I may have not been here for very long but hey! Doom for the GBA IS a GOOD THING!! You can be killin' zombie-men while in class or driving your car....... Wait a moment... that's not good....... Who cares! The other guy should of been paying attaion anywho! Rock on!!
  13. SpaceMSpiff


    Hello fellow doomworld people.. yeah i know this sounds corny but hey! I finnaly got off my ass and signed up.. So who's all ready tried to preordered DOOM3?? Well anywho.. let's just say Duke Nukem 3d Sucks ass!!! Rock on!!