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  1. Majnun

    Running multiple mods at the same time

    Yep. Just rename the files. The game files are pak000.pk4 thru pak004.pk4 don't mess with them. Say the first mod you used (Flashlight) is named pak005.pk4 Rename the next mod to pak006.pk4 And the next one to pak007.pk4 etc This is for simple mods, not sure about anything more elaborate that may come in the future.
  2. Majnun

    What is that annoying clicking sound...

    Well you may have a sound bug...or you may be talking about your footstep sounds. Your own footsteps sounds were pretty annoying to me at first...but once the crap hits the fan you don't notice them anymore.
  3. Majnun

    System Shock 2 mod

    Thanks for the links. I'm glad they're sticking with it. After playing Doom 3 it's obvious someone at id played the System Shock games (which is a good thing). It just begs for a mod with the same feel & story delivery. Doom 3 did great...but I miss the inventory & skills. Hope they pull it off.
  4. You know it was a Microsoft employee who created this mod. In order to make people too affraid to play a co-op mod for the PC version. That way more people will buy the x-box version for the co-op. Just kidding of course. :)
  5. The reason the sounds in the alpha were so much better is because Trent Reznor did them (or at least had a huge hand in them). When he left they stopped using the sounds he had contributed. It still sounds good though...but oy, imagine if he'd been involved?
  6. Majnun

    System Shock 2 mod

    You don't think it's possible that EA could come to a financial arrangement with Irrational & LGS (whoever that might be since they don't exist anymore) in order to have the rights to publish System Shock 3? Um, it's EA, they're not short of cash. They could easily have already secured the rights to do the game and be in development but holding off till the right time to announce it. You do realize that Bethesda had the rights to do Fallout 3(+) long before it was announced don't you? This may be the same sort of thing. Nothing is impossible. All they'd need to do is throw enough money in the right direction and suddenly EA has the rights fully. If they DON'T have the rights fully then they I DON'T think have the right to tell this mod group to stop using the System Shock name. Although I'm probably wrong about that, it's crap if they DO have the right to tell people not to use the name when they were not even the developer. I still think they must be working on SS3 or planning to start soon. But then again it might just be EA being d*cks as usual.
  7. Majnun

    Now this sucks!

    If you just bought the card you might be able to exchange it. Don't TELL them it got fried by lightning. Unless it's real obvious by looking at it just say "It doesn't work in my system, I need to exchange it for another one." As long as you have the receipt they should go for it...unless of course you bought it on ebay or something like that. I had a modem I bought at BestBuy get fried like that within a week of getting it...I took it back and traded it in (for a better modem no less).
  8. Majnun

    Upgrade question: Processor or Video Card?

    Yeah, I'd buy the game and see how it looks/plays with what you've already got. You've got nearly the same as me. Except I've got a P4 2.0 and 1gb RAM, same video card. And after reading the hardware guide I'm pretty sure it'll look just fine for me. But if you feel like you must upgrade...do the video card. It'll be the most noticable boost. Of course if you don't have a 5.1 sound system with a an Audigy 2 or better card ya might wanna upgrade that instead. That's what I just did. :)
  9. Majnun

    System Shock 2 mod

    Well...EA just sent word along the mod team that they must cease using the name System Shock for this mod. Go here and read for yourselves: http://rebooted.purkaia.net/dead_letter/ Instead of re-typing how I feel about it here, I'm just gonna c&p my response to the newsbit on RPGDot where I first heard this... Actually even if, hell especially if, they(EA) are working on/plan on making System Shock 3 a fan-made retelling of SS2 could only HELP them. I mean surely even the f*cktards in management at EA don't think "Oh my GOD, it's a MOD of SS2! Now nobody will buy SS3!" Even if EA were doing a Doom 3 kind of deal and just retelling System Shock 2 with pretty new technology...people would STILL buy it in addition to getting this mod. Another fine example of completely f'ing moronic publishers. I hope the mod-team gets pissed off enough by this to keep making the mod. Fine, rename the damn thing if you have to. But make it better than any piece of crap EA may be publishing using the SS name. Of course EA probably has ZERO plans to actually continue the SS franchise. They just don't want anybody ELSE doing it...much better to sit on a pile of gravestones of great games than let modders do something with it...morons.
  10. Majnun


    Yep...it's illegal but I've bought a few games a day or 2 early before. And never heard of any lawsuits for selling a game early. But some huge chain (I think it was Blockbuster or maybe EB but may be wrong) recently put a Lord of the Rings DVD out for sale 10 days early. The publisher told them to stop selling it till the official release date...they kept selling it. They got sued.
  11. Majnun

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    I haven't read the exact wording, but if they say "Windows 95/98 not supported" that does not mean that the game will not work under Win98. It means tech support will not help you if you are using Win98 and have problems. It means they don't guarantee it will work. Thief: Deadly Shadows is exactly the same. They "don't support" it. And yes Thief:DS didn't work out of the box with Win98. But within a week or 2 people on the EIDOS & ION Storm Forums had found a workaround that enabled people to install it and run it just fine on Win98. Now I wouldn't advise running out and getting it if you only have Win98 though (not until someone see's that it does work, or finds a workaround). But Doom 3 is alot more advanced than Thief:DS and it may never work with Win98...no matter what. But I kinda doubt it. But, if this IS the first game that absolutely won't work with Win98...don't expect it to be the last. It just seems like you're buying winXP JUST to play Doom 3. But really you're buying it to be able to play plenty more games with bleeding edge technology that will be coming out in the future. You're going to have to upgrade eventually...this just happens to be the game that caused it. It had to happen eventually. And as to the "have you considered an x-box"? I don't speak for everybody obviously. And I'm not saying "console's suck" blah blah blah. It's a matter of preference. But an x-box is basically an ancient pc. It's a pentium 3 733mhz, with a 64mb GeForce4 ti4200 video card...and a hard-drive if you spend the extra money on it. I wouldn't buy an x-box with your money. Contrary to what game makers and video card makers want you to believe you do NOT need one of the new $500 video cards to play the games coming out now and in the next several months. And play them at detail and resolutions better than an x-box will ever give. You can get a Radeon 9800 for about $200 right now and that card will be just fine for the next 2 years.
  12. Majnun

    Doom 3 for $47.99 + free shipping

    Just thought I'd share this with you. There may be some folks who haven't pre-ordered yet (or don't mind getting it a few days later to save the money). http://shop1.outpost.com/cart/cart.jsp?ord=1090856603222 Like the title said, Outpost.com is selling it for $47.99 with free ground shipping. I've never used their standard/ground shipping before but they're pretty fast with the other types of shipping (as in faster than what they promised). I almost cancelled my order with gogamer.com when I saw this...but I'm not waiting for ground shipping (even to save $9).
  13. Majnun

    Co-op mod?

    I don't see how most of the scripted sequences could be much of an issue either. Just make them trigger ONCE when the first player arrives at the trigger spot (or does whatever triggers it). If the other player isn't there to see it (the fiend coming out of the ceiling, breaking thru the door, bursting thru the wall, whatever), then too bad. The only scripted sequences that would be a problem are the ones that trigger a "point of no return" kind of thing. Like if the corridor behind you collapses and you can never go back that way again. If one player is BEHIND the collapse when it triggers that would um, not be good. One thing that might be an issue is the cut-scenes. As in little movies where you're not in control. But I kinda hope there aren't too many of those anyway since I like to PLAY a game and not just watch it like it's final fantasy or something. No clue how many cut-scenes there are in Doom 3, but I doubt there's very many. Probably at the beginning and when you go to Hell. If they're a problem for coop you could just do away with them entirely. The size of some corridors/rooms (and numbers of enemies) will probably be an issue too. Who wants to be the guy in the rear while you're both crawling through ventilation shafts? Even something like that could be fun though if it were designed for coop (have demons come into the shaft from behind and in front). You'd need to add more demons to make it a challenge for 2 people, and then need to resize most areas to account for that. I think there'll be quite a bit of work to make the SP game work well with coop, but not as hard as some folks seem to think it will be.
  14. Majnun

    System Shock 2 mod

    Cool. I really hope this one gets finished. It looks like they're going to add a version of the character/skills system too (and hiding in shadows ala Thief). If they're able to do that then this is gonna be one hell of a good mod. Even without the skill system it'd be fun to play SS2 redone in the Doom3 engine. That's still one of my favorite games ever.
  15. Majnun

    Co-op mod?

    I think he meant the SDK, not the source code. :) They just released the Duke 3d source code last year, heh. So yeah, it'll be a long while. That's how they'll make the big bucks...licensing the Doom3 engine to other developers. So there's no way we'll get the source code for a long long time. But a coop mod is probably doable with just the built-in editor, if someone had the motivation. Definitely doable with an SDK.