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  1. useless warrior

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    I like the recycling sector alot, great look to that place. The part where the gas starts filling the level was the most intense part of doom for me. But then again I thought there was a time limit on that part when I first played through... still pretty intense. :)
  2. useless warrior

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth Pain Elemental

    So does he spit two lost souls at once due to the two mouths? ala doom 64.
  3. useless warrior


    I was more pissed about the changed levels in doom 1...
  4. useless warrior

    D! Zone

    One of the most interesting thing about d!zone was that the front end allowed you to randomize monsters. I remember playing doom 2 with all zombies. It was pretty cool and by far the best feature of d!zone. Two of my favorite levels in d!zone, were dead base and mnt of fire. Both of which had some pretty cool (for the time) intergration of storyline into the levels and the mnt even had some cool cave ins that were the closest I've ever seem to doom engine scripting (again at the time, you can do some crazy stuff with boom and the likes).
  5. useless warrior

    Resurrection of Evil details

    They really needed to move this out of the tech base setting, which was done to death in doom 3. What happened to hell on earth? Or actually any other setting to show off the doom 3 engine would be great. 3rd weapon, hopefully it's a railgun. [edit] Also not to sound really negative but the hell knight with no legs looks like something a fan project would put in a mod. If you have the raw talent of id, why wouldn't you just come up with a new monster design for the upper torso?
  6. useless warrior

    The Sigma Core

    Really nice map. Especially great considering how it is your first doom 3 map. My only complaint, the rspeeds are pretty high in some spots.
  7. useless warrior

    Quake TC anyone?

    Tenebrae does look nice, can't really compare to newer games though... and it's waaaay too heavy on the hardware for what it does. Sadly seems like the guy moved on to the quake 2 engine. Problem with the quake community is it doesn't seem as focused as the doom community. Alot of projects for quake, retexturing, modeling etc, seemed to have lost interest and moved to quake 2. Seems a bit short sighted and silly to me. Especially since I think q1 has a better single player game then q2 and better multi in some respects (I'm not going to get into a q1 dm vs q2 dm arguement). I also agree with Dani about quake 4. Why raven went with the quake 2 ip instead of quake 1 is beyond me. Quake 2 had boring monsters that all looked way too similar and a setting that is alittle too much like doom to seprate it from doom 3. Quake 1 on the other hand had great monster design, great settings, and lovecraft, I mean seriously, do the math. As far as generations is concerned, I could be wrong, but I always thought they got shut down because they were ripping textures from other games (doom/quake) and levels (non-shareware) directly from quake 1. As far as I remember it had nothing to do with monsters designs etc. It was more directly copying copyrighted material.
  8. useless warrior

    Cacodemon model - need info

    Send that to the doomsday model pack.
  9. useless warrior

    Classic colors mod

    Good work, keep the screenshots coming.
  10. useless warrior

    An excellent idea for reskinning Dr. Betruger

    Calm down. A655321, I know exactly what your talking about, I thought of Hopkins the first time I saw the doctor. His voice sounds like him as well. I think ID probably modeled him after Hopkins, with enough changes to keep them from being sued.
  11. useless warrior

    Doom Nostalgia

    Oh its on... Yeah I know what your talking about, but there are many different version of that picture. The poster that came with ultimate doom(still hanging in my room to this day) has him empty handed, but I have seen the version you are refering to as well.
  12. useless warrior

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    The mancubus is definatly a nice redesign. During the cutscene they introduce him in I had flashes of silent hill, he just reminds me of something out of that game. The caco is nice work too. But I have this thing about people thinking that a brightly colored monster couldn't work and going for more conventional movie type design. The fact that he looks like the octobrain from duke kinda turns me off also. Just thinking about color scheme for a moment, what would this game look like had they kept to the color scheme from the orginal doom, with all the greens and reds. Would have been interesting... I don't know if it would have work, but intersting nontheless.
  13. useless warrior

    Comparison of Chain Gun, Plasma Rifle

    It really depends if the enemy is going to respond with projectiles of his own, like the revenent, for shooting down projectiles, plasma rules. Also versus lost souls, I'd take the plasma gun anyday.
  14. useless warrior

    Doom Nostalgia

    Yeah they put the soulcube in his previously empty hand and removed the machine gun from his other hand, making it look like he is doing the michael jack crotch grab.
  15. useless warrior

    Smash TV?

    The question is, is the resemblance intentional?