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  1. tkmaster

    Doom3 demo

    the demo might be out pretty soon actually
  2. tkmaster

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    ok its still up to the parents to allow their kids to play it... there is no law to prevent it but there is a law that will prevent stores from selling the game to underage kids... the store can be fined for selling the game to someone who isnt old enough
  3. tkmaster

    Workaround for DM "server full" error

    i have cable and i was able to connect to some servers... but the one s i connect im as good as a statue... i try to move but the game moves me back to where i started...
  4. tkmaster

    Discuss the CD emulation software problem

    if you have any uninstall them other solution would be use a no-cd crack (yes it is legal)
  5. tkmaster

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    ok . um there is a law even preventing stores from letting under age kids from buying the game trust me anyone under 18 or looks like they are under 18 will be carded not old enough = no copy
  6. tkmaster

    Game pauses with every new opened door

    they say its best to use medium quality if you got 128mb ram
  7. tkmaster

    Doom 3 won't run :(

    actually some games do... i just said that as a possibility
  8. tkmaster

    No CO-OP?

    to remind you co-op was a exclusive feature of the xbox version
  9. tkmaster

    Win 98 / ME Patch for Doom3

    im going to stress be carfuil with unofficial workarounds you may get more than you bargained for
  10. tkmaster

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    then your parents has the right you should not even have the game at 14 you must be at least 18
  11. tkmaster

    What Nvidia Drivers Should be Used??

    no... um the drivers that comes from the comany the card came from isnt always the best... it is best to always use the latest reference drivers drivers from nvidia themselves
  12. tkmaster

    Doom 3 won't run :(

    if your system has more than 1 cd drive some games tend to want to use the drive that comes first in the drive lettering
  13. tkmaster

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    actyually the geforce 4 mx is supported although it will require you to run in low detail. andrew they mention the geforce 4 mx will work on low settings. it is still part of their official min reqs. nope your memory is too low, and the processor you cant get a p3 chip at 2.6ghz, and well emachines tend not to have the type of graphics card you would need for the games.
  14. tkmaster

    Well it's been leaked

    you forget to realize some people have fast connections therefore it could actually take a couple hours to get