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  1. Cyberstorm2

    Do you think HL2 will have better graphics than Doom 3

    I just meant that in all the screenies I've seen, only the textures and models seem upgraded. Aside from that, everything I've seen looks the same. Mind you, I haven't played the game, nor watched any movies, just seen some screenies.
  2. Cyberstorm2

    Do you think HL2 will have better graphics than Doom 3

    Yes, but how much does CS:Source take advantage of the new engine? Fom what I've seen, the maps are identical.
  3. Cyberstorm2

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    That's a little low, but not far off. You can run DOOM III on a 900 Mhz, 256 RAM, GeForce 4 Ti machine. I know, because it's running on my computer. Right now, I'm looking around for ways to maximize my performance. And getting more funds to upgrade. Also, it's still beautiful.
  4. Cyberstorm2

    256mb ram?

    Yes, seeing as I'm running with 256 RAM right now. Hell, I'm also running with a 900 Mhz AMD, and only a GeForce 4 4200 Ti. Graphics are a few notches over Q3A, and the computer will chug when first loading a level or when walking through a door, but it is fully playable.
  5. Well, technically, it all went right. Until Doomguy comes, at least.
  6. Cyberstorm2

    controller setup

    Forward - Up Arrow Strafe Left - Left Arrow Strafe Right - Right Arrow Backpedal - Down Arrow Shoot - Mouse 1 Jump - Mouse 2 Use Key (Zoom in Quake) - Mouse 3 Next/Last Weapon - MWheel Up/Down (I forget :D) Crouch - Right Control Reload - End Use Item - Home Drop Weapon - Backspace What can I say, I'm left handed freak.
  7. Cyberstorm2

    Gamespy's Doom 3 First Look

    ??? It's the seven minute movie.
  8. Cyberstorm2

    DOOM 3 at E3

    http://www.planetcnc.com/images/image.asp?/newspics/e3brochure.jpg The info is all the way at the bottom of the text, and also hints at a Star Wars: Ep II game and new C&C (Not Generals).
  9. Cyberstorm2

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

    First and foremost, I think it was the best movie I've ever seen (Although Jurassic Park is still my favorive). Very well made. I tought expanding Arwen's role was fine, and unlike others have feared, she didn't seem the 'Warrior Princess'. I, did, however, feel that the scene in Bree was cut too much. Also, to anyone else who saw it, did people in the theater cheer durring the last fight scene. On another note, to anyone who saw the 12:00 showing, HA. I saw it at 7:30 on Tuesday (My friend works at a movie theater, and he brought me to the employee screening.)
  10. Cyberstorm2


    I wouldn't bet on it. CGM has had a history of looking at the P&P versions of Computer Games. Last year, they had a blowout about D&D, and a few months before that looked into BattleTech.
  11. Cyberstorm2

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    I would, but like you, I'm a little young.
  12. Cyberstorm2

    [USA Terrorist Attacks] Comments here

    NBC5 here in Dallas is reporting that 2 planes have taken off from D/FW Airport. They may be relief efforts going to DC or NYC.
  13. Cyberstorm2


    Here's a little bit more info: (From Shacknews): As expected, id showed some more footage of the new Doom game as an introduction of John Carmack's talk. It was a mix of new and MacWorld footage, and unfortunately, we couldn't tape it. However, it did look simply amazing, very dark and gritty, but also more colorful than the footage from MacWorld. Since Carmack already held a talk on the Doom engine last year, the focus this year was more on the graphics acceleration side of things. He has a pretty good idea on where graphics are going in the next 5 years, and talked about advances when it comes to graphics cards, up to the point where you can get Pixar server-farm kind of graphics on a single card. And the problems with getting Doom to support the various OpenGL extensions by all the videocard makers. During the Q&A session there were a few minor new Doom things. Graeme Devine is programming the sound engine, which will have full Dolby Digital 5.1 sound support. And while Carmack wasn't totally convinced about XBox support last year, he seemed to be more enthustiastic this year. There will be an Xbox port of the game supporting pretty much everything the PC version will have to offer but due to the 64mb on the Xbox, the missions will probably be cut up differently. One of the issues raised was on violence and the amount of gore / blood in Doom with Columbine and lawsuits happening and such. At this point Todd Hollenshead started to look a bit nervous, and Carmack pretty much assured everyone the lawsuits don't effect their design decisions at all and there will be plenty of gore in the new Doom. This was shown during "bathroom scene" of the Doom engine, where blood was smeared all over the tiles, and a body got torn up by one of the monsters. Also, although there's no official contract yet, there's a verbal agreement with Trent Reznor to provide music and sounds. Steve will add more to this story in a little while.
  14. Cyberstorm2

    RFI Quakecon

    PlanetQuake has some pretty good coverage, or would have if the power didn't go out yesterday.
  15. Cyberstorm2

    On the Doom movie again

    I don't know about the DOOMGuy, but that USA Today article I was telling you about also had a list of Actors who they thought would be a good match for some game-to-movie characters. Gordon Freeman - Harrison Ford or Chris O'Donnel (Apparently the latter wants to play him if the make a movie) "Black Cat" from the new Westwood Pirate game - Katherine Zeta Jones The chick from Perfect Dark - Sandra Bullock (I think) And lastly, the Duke - The Rock (It's not too much of a stretch, as long as he doesn't say "Do you smellll what the Duke is cookin' or kill legions of monsters with the "People's Eybrow') Also, I'm guessing that if Final Fantasy does good, a expect alot of updates to the DOOM Movie page. I think it would be guaranteed if the Duke and Max Payne movies succeed, also.