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  1. Well if I put my DM starts or my player starts on an animated floor the bots run off as quick as they can and never turn back.
    Now I must reitterate the bots do go on the water texture, but only (I repeat BUT ONLY) if there is something in the middle of it. Like a soul sphere or the BFG or something. Only if something that is really important to them do they try to brave the waters.
    As for the nukage, slime, or even blood animated floor textures they don't even bother with trying to cross. If I put a DM start (or player starts) on any of those textures. Then the bots spin in a complete circle, almost like they're looking for the shortest way off of that texture. Then BAMM they make a bee line to a different floor.

  2. I have tons of questions so I'm just gonna list them here.

    1) Is there a way to make a specific skin use a dehacked patch with out the patch being applied to people or bots using different skins?
    2) Or is there a way to make a specific bot use a EXE patch with out the others or myself being affected by it?
    3) Does anybody know some webpages or sites that I can get alot of skins?
    4)The bot configuration file, I understand most of it. The only line I don't know about is the ISP line. What in the world is ISP?
    5) Is there a reason why the bots don't walk on floors with animated textures? At first I thought they didn't want to walk on floors that damage you. But then I made a small map that was almost totally water. Not one bit of the floor hurts you and they still wouldn't walk on the animated water texture. Is there a reason for this? Does it tie into the ISP thing? Is there a way to shut it off?
    6) Can the bots use the cheats? If so, how can I set it them so that they can cheat?

    I know this seems like a lot of questions. There is alot I don't know about ZDOOM. I have searched alot of different sites (including ZDoom's very own site) and have found not a single answer to any of my questions.

  3. When I first got ZDoom it came with a file called "RailGun.bex". I never understood what the hell it was for. I knew it had something to do with Doom or ZDoom itself, but I did not know how to load it. Then I got the program ZDLaunch. This is a fancy front end for ZDoom that allows to to set up your game paremeters with out having to type in a 3 page command line. It also allows you to load up any iwad, pwad, and dehacked patch you want. Well any way this "Railgun.bex" file was already located in the selection box for dehack patches. So I naturally selected it, and loaded up a game. What ever this file is it turned the normal plasma rifle into a railgun that will shoot through a line of monsters.

    To make a long story short. I want to know what a "BEX" file is? It's obviously some sort of exe patch. But is it created by Dehacked? If it is all well and good. But if it's not then what the hell do I have to use to make such a file? And how do I use it?

  4. Ok I just downloaded the newest versions of both ZDoom and DoomServ. I got ZDoom Installed and working properly with the Doom2.wad and it is the 1.9999 or whatever. The trouble I'm having is with DoomServ. First off I am running WIN98 SE. I have already downloaded everything this site had that dealt with DoomServ. It has ver 5.0, and a patch to fix this version. and it also has ver 5.1. I downloaded all three of these. No matter which one I try to install while it is installing I get an error message saying that there was an access violation with a file and/or files that it tries to put in my Windows\System directory. It installs everything else though. Then when I try to run it, it comes up perfectly fine. I try to register myself as a new user. I submit my info, and I get a runtime error. Then the program quits and closes all together.
    Now am I doing something wrong. Or are the files for DoomServ that are listed on this site messed up? In any case could someone PLEASE help me. Me and my buddies all want to play Deathmatch Doom. And playing it over the net is the only way that we all can be in the same game at the same time.
    I known ZDoom has command line parremeters. But who wants to type a command line that is 3 pages long because of having to type 6 ip address or more.