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  1. logidoom

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    I know Zarcyb, excuse my sarcasm... ~buckshot
  2. logidoom

    Does New Doom ban Doomworld users?

    newdoom? pfffttt.... who the hell goes to newdoom? I mean seriously, didnt that place die or something?
  3. logidoom

    Looking for Pacifist DOOM videos

    http://www.gamers.org/pub/idgames/lmps/pacifist/ these are some more.. still not the ones i remember...
  4. some years ago, I remember seeing some videos of someone doing a pacifist e1m8, e2m8, and e3m8 (doom 1)... just beating down the enemies with their barefist and letting the enemies mow each other down, never firing a shot... anyone know where to find these? Youtube?
  5. logidoom

    Looking for Pacifist DOOM videos

    Ahhh... now comes the time were I pucker up and start sucking... because I'm really not that great... and I'd get hosed very easy if I even attemepted a pacifist speedrun on the Cyberdemon... Anyone out there kind enough to record a fist-only beatdown of the Cyberdemon and post it on youtube... at the very least, you'd get resepct :)
  6. logidoom

    Is SNES doom bad?

    I've allways said this.. I congratulate the developer for getting it up and running on the SNES, which had to be a task in itself.. outside of those special FX chips or whatever they are inside the red SNES cartirdges that helped boost overall game performance for games that had them (think they were just additional processors and ram in there... not shure though) But seriously, there's just some things best left undone. I'm sure it was the dime-mega if thats all you could play it on... You'd probably think it was the best thing going had you'd never glanced or seen it's PC or PSX counterparts... But in all honesty ... you get what you paid. You bought a $150 SNES and DOOM for it... If you were expecting the quality and content of a game on a modern PC at that time, your probably better off playing side-scrollers...
  7. logidoom

    Looking for Pacifist DOOM videos

    ahhh... gotcha... but like what the above post says... there's no source mod that allows AVI/mpg capture? you'd have to use a 3rd part tool like FRAPS?
  8. logidoom

    Looking for Pacifist DOOM videos

    many thanks... I will take a peek at these... So, lets say I wanted to record what I'm watching on screen... what would I use while these are playing?
  9. logidoom

    A new version of that gay-assed Cynic Guru song!!!

    could someone like upload the original MP3? I've been looking for this song for years.... completely forgot the artist name...
  10. I've tried googling and searching out the whazoo, but no avail... I'm searching for some cool old school DOOM/ DOOM 95 ads that i've seen scanned places in the past... one of them was in a really dark blue color, with added scratches, and showed a dismembered torso hanging from a ceiling in a dark room with his face down... (thats the main one im looking for) it has a quote, but i can remember... this same image is in the id anthology booklet on page, showing a section of the ad im talking about, but its only a piece of the whole ad there was another, a couple others, but i remember one said "Dont shoot until you see the whites of their exposed skeletons". I had these images years ago, and just really looking for them again at a nice resolution. I'm almost positive they were DOOM for windows 95 ad's, but they could have been final doom ads, but not sure. if anyone can help, i would greatly appreciate it... i've checked here: http://www.doomworld.com/pageofdoom/images.html and while this one is kinda like what im talking about : http://www.doomworld.com/pageofdoom/graphics/finalbig2.jpg and this one: http://www.doomworld.com/pageofdoom/graphics/winbig.jpg theres more like them that im looking for... many thanks ~beaver
  11. logidoom

    looking for DOOM/DOOM 95 ad posters

    alternatively, we're discussing this over at rome.ro too, and its even attracted the attention of Romero himself... http://rome.ro/smf/index.php/topic,6028.msg106879.html#msg106879 UPDATE: John Romero, John Carmack and even the agency that created the ad no longer have any copy of it themselves, nor its whereabouts. Since it appears all the hi-res .jpg scans from several years back have pretty much vaporized off the net The good news is that for all those DOOM memoribilia collectors out there, anyone who still has a printed poster or magazine ad of this can condier themselves extrememly lucky, since and all prints/posters have been lost/destroyed. If anyone DOES have this ad OR the scanned images, many of us would greatly appreciate it if you could upload a high quality scan of this ad (or the old .jpg files).
  12. logidoom

    Lost Episodes - is THIS it??

    to all complaining about the lack of new sprites, weapons, sounds, music, whatever... do realize its just the "lost EPISODE of DOOM" and not the "lost T.C. of DOOM" I came to that conclusion after realizing the additional 4th episodes "Thy Flesh Consumed" which formed the Ultimate DOOM pack did not have any additional characters, music, sprites, etc... just level design... (other than the end sequence that is and a sky texture) just my 2 cents...
  13. logidoom

    looking for DOOM/DOOM 95 ad posters

    AWESOME FIND!!!!!! thats the closest and best pic yet, but there was still a "scan" of what you see here floating out there along with a couple others.... this poster also has some more writing in the upper right hand corner in cursif (its hard to read, but I've made most of it out) You can read this if you rad it enlarged at an angle: "Its doom in its original entirety, along with the all new ?demented? episode four, "Thy Flesh Consumed". It's called "Ultimate DOOM". It's Simple. You kill or be killed." ?demented? = i think thats what it says, was hard to read, so i written characters sizes and forms to other more readable parts of the paragraph... CSI style :P picture in question is: http://www.hardocp.com/image.html?image=MTAxMzc2MzExNnVjMFVGa1FZNlJfMV83X2wuanBn I Noticed that this HardOCP page refers at the bottom of the article to link to a high-res zipped file with this picture, as well as the others, but the link is dead: http://www.hardocp.com/files/idpics.zip even then, i doubt it contains the scanned image that once existed (and I once had), but a hi-res shot would be better than nothing... (hell, this is better than nothing.) getting closer, but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades :) little while longer, and I'm sure someone will come up with the scans...
  14. logidoom

    looking for DOOM/DOOM 95 ad posters

    here it is in the ID SOFTWARE office, obviously it still exists, as this picture was taken not very long ago... I knew ID had a picture of it and a poster of it on their walls, but that was from images of the old building... and here it is in the current building... you can barely make it out, but its there: http://www.planetquake3.net/pic.php3?c=./images/id_2005_9.jpg second picture to the left hanging on the wall
  15. logidoom

    looking for DOOM/DOOM 95 ad posters

    yup, thats the one, and I'm having a hell of a time finding it. I think whatever hi-res scans were available years ago are long since gone, so I'm hoping someone out there had saved them and still has those files laying around... i did somewhere, but i've long since lost the cd i burnt them to...
  16. logidoom

    looking for DOOM/DOOM 95 ad posters

    Heres a piece of the ad I'm looking for, as I took a picture of the page that was in the original ID Anthology Booklet... as you can see, it has a snippit of the ad: you can see the guy hanging from his arms, and in the bottom right corner of that snippet on the page, you can see some text... like the words "people" and "violence" I'm almost positive it was a Ultimate DOOM ad, as u can see the ultimate doom logo is the same lettering on the bottom of the snippet (ignore the quake article snippet, they just had it laying on top of the doom one) there were high-res scans of it some years ago along with others, and i've found a couple on the link i posted above to doomworld's media section, but still looking for this one. one of the others i do remember the quotes.... "dont shoot until you see the whites of their exposed skeletons"
  17. logidoom

    looking for DOOM/DOOM 95 ad posters

    the ones on that page are close... but its not the ones im looking for....
  18. logidoom

    The Doom3 figurines

    i have the id anthology and cyberdemon in all in mint condition.... hmmmm....
  19. setting up a universal doom community / doom 3 MP / community teamspeak voIP server.... Will host multiple channels for multiple MP servers and community groups. Server is up and running at the moment, though it will go down on and off temporarily until i have it completley setup on seperate system... you'll need the latest client version of teamspeak, available here: http://www.goteamspeak.com/ ---------------------------------- help test the server! connect to IP - connect anonymously with/without nickname... if not using nick, just remember to have teamspeak assign you a name automatically. If you would like to be registered, just ask!
  20. logidoom

    DOOM movie question

    anyone know if the baddies in the DOOM movie will be from hell? i've heard rumours that they are aliens, and not hell spawn. I also heard rumors that the script intended for the movie to take place on some place called planet Olduvai, but in the trailer, it says Mars research at the very beginning.... just hoping it stays original to the game in some way/shape/form..
  21. have been playing the classic ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM 2 games that are on my CE of XBOX DOOM 3..... havent played DOOM 2 much, but i can tell you that there are some noticeable bugs in ULTIMATE DOOM.... Trying to get to any of the secret levels without using cheats (e1m9, e2m9, e3m9, e4m9) results in crashing the system. No joke. I dunno wheter its because they left out those maps (dunno why they would, since everything else is pretty much intact to the PC version), or somethings is worng with the code. Another pisser, as far as i can see, is that the Sky textures are ALL the same as "Knee Deep in the dead"..... the mountains..... in e2m2, the sky texture is the same as episdoe 1, same with episode 3 and 4. Kind of a bitch in a buzz-saw..... its probably a glitch or bad coding.... i doubt they seriously intended to make it that way. I mean common.... why would they leave anything out on a 12MB game? well, not LOTS of bugs... but those are two i can point the finger at VV for...
  22. logidoom

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    played the full game the day it was released back in december 1993 on my dad's company laptop, and IBM Thinkpad 486DX 50Mhz, decent ram, harddrive space, had DOS and Windows 3.1 and a spiffy soundcard... and a nice VGA screen.... i think i was 12 or 13 at the time. I had played Wolfenstein on a 286 laptop before that, as well as commander keen and such, and i nearly shit my pants the first time i saw DOOM. So i convinced my dad several months later to buy me a spiffy Packard Bell Legend 486DX2 66mhz 8MB RAM, 500MB harddrive, DOS, Windows 3.1 w/ free Windows 95 upgrade when it was released. Nice SVGA screen, soundcard for its time.... although i think my first desktop computer was a IBM PS2 8086 8MHZ system...... heh
  23. logidoom

    Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

    allready went gold and it just somehow allready got leaked onto Emule.... friggin sad.... oh well, i know im gonna wait until Novemeber to play it.
  24. logidoom

    Son Of Carmack

    maybe if big daddy carmack ever retires, lil' carmack will take over the family buisness..... maybe his son will be an even better programmer than he..... i wonder if its really his SON or his CLONE
  25. logidoom

    A Christian Perspective

    im a catholic, and i dont give a shit..... all of ID's games are single handly the best of the best.... and if a friggin game scares you, then perhaps your just a big friggin puss. I think the demonic satanic parts of the game give the game what it is: atmosphere and horror...... which made one hell of a great game.... I think any religious nutcases out there who have nothing better to do than complain about a god damned video game need to go back to reading the bible..... oh wait, the bible has satanic references in it too, guess thats out :-P ~Buckshot