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  1. Thanks , see that was simple that was the point of this topic to learn about my question. now this post is finished I'm done replying to this post , and I've put in a request for it to be shut down . Whenever the Mod reads my request this thread is finished.
  2. Getting paid ? I know your not getting paid to sit around and answer other nerds questions , But Doomworld should be a place where anyone can ask as many questions as they want and not get criticized for it . I'm not a code guy I don't understand alot of this stuff , these guys around here seem to , so I asked for help. and if people are gonna point out my S*** post then also point out the fact that Red was getting a little rude too here was his post previous to what I said I said... hours ago, PITTSBURGH PENGUINS said: Dude I'm asking the "Doom Gurus" as you said in a recent thread , and yeah I'll definitely try googling it thanks... And you also said "compatibility options" what option did you have in mind that might work ? Then He said... https://zdoom.org/wiki/Compatibility_options Have a good one.  Oh and you know what using the search yields you? This thread, that has a config for an older GZDoom so it looks just like the DOS version. I felt like he was being kind of a jerk so I replied like a bit of a jerk back , forgot to include something important in the post but have recently fixed it.
  3. Because Red said you people are "Doom Gurus" meaning your basically Doom Gods (which is a little silly it's just game after all) but the point is you guys seem to know alot about the game , me eh... not so much , so I thought I'd come here to ask , and this is what I get.
  4. Ok so you have my old info , that's a little odd but alright , more power to ya bud.
  5. I actually do have a few friends on here , Lonespacemarine & Yousuf Anik. Yeah I know what your probably gonna say "only 2 friends ? man your a loser" well whatever 2 is fine , and besides like I said that's not the main point of being on here , learning about Doom is .
  6. here am I "A Dick" now ? : Gee thanks.... 😒 Let me contain my joy , Having to look through all of these codes on this post... good times... LOL I'm just joking... thanks man. Forgot to include it in the post earlier , I got busy Ok ?
  7. Dude I'm mot here to make buddies & friends , I'm here to ask questions about Doom and other Doom like games , this is not a friend making site last time I checked , it is a site about an FPS game from 93. I'm here for input or knowledge whatever word sounds better.
  8. Ok there was something I forgot to include in the post , I'll fix it RN . I truly meant it as a joke , I promise that .
  9. What file ? I don't understand what file your talking about ?
  10. Me being rude ? I feel like Dasho was being rude to me , but hey alright , more power to ya, .
  11. No man , the whole thing I said : Gee thanks.... 😒 Let me contain my joy , Having to look through all of these codes on this post... good times... Was more of a joke , Not like me being a full on A-hole , It was more comical. I thought you Doomworldians liked funny remarks and jokes ?. was just a joke , like when this guy on THIS POST said : Oh... Ok then, I have no idea what to say other than "Alrighty then" and "Thanks for letting me know that". So... Alrighty then and thanks for letting me know that :) It was more comical , I wasn't seriously being a jerk .