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  1. Crazy how I stumbled upon your channel the other day and here you are with a new updated map! Video inbound soon.
  2. Power Trip - Manifest Decimation Buckethead - Scroll of Vegetable Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness Biohazard - Urban Discipline Gojira - From Mars to Sirius
  3. xavrua

    Hardcover VS Paperback

    Have to go with Hardcover on this one. Mind you, I do own a lot of paperback as well but hardcovers just hit different. I like how they don't flop around after you've opened them and they are much more satisfying to hold as well at least in my opinion. ALSO, you can get special edition books that are hardcover only like the page edges are covered in a unique ink or patterns. It's really cool.
  4. xavrua

    Wounded Factory.wad

    No, no you are not being an a-hole lol. I need to know this stuff (which I didn't previously) so thank you! I am gonna make some changes tomorrow so that its better and not as large of a file. So thank you!
  5. Hi all! I am here with my second "atmospheric" map! I am still learning the ropes of things and trying to figure things out with the lighting and balance of the game too. I hope it's an improvement compared to my first level. Here are the important details to know (included in the Read Me file): Title : Wounded Factory Filename : Wounded Factory.wad Release date : 24/04/2023 Author : Xavrua Graphics : Yes (OTEX Textures, Doom2 Textures) Other Files Required : D64ifier-CORE.pk3, D64ifier-Flashlight.pk3 (Feel free to use whatever flashlight you use) Single Player : Yes Cooperative 2-4 Player : No Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No Difficulty Settings? : Not implemented - For now play on Ulta-Violence! Base : Inspired by THEME-GAWAD PROJECT #1 Map07 by DavidNewton (@DavidN on Doomworld) Build Time : 4 days Editor(s) used : Ultimate Doom Builder / Slade Tested w/ : GZDOOM and the following mods: D64ifier-CORE, D64ifier-WEAPONS, D64ifier-MUSIC and D64ifier-Flashlight.pk3 Can I jump? : No Can I Freelook? : Yes https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZdXb07eJqzkH3gdaJGekQ4CWL-jqzBPH/view?usp=share_link
  6. xavrua

    Phatas Mutory.wad

    Hey, thank you for the feedback! I will keep that in mind. It seems I play on different settings because I can pretty much see what's going on with the map just fine - but I will keep that in mind and add more lights at some point and makes certain areas brighter in general to help with navigation.
  7. xavrua

    Phatas Mutory.wad

    @FEDEX Hi! Thank you for letting me know, I had no idea the link broke! I have updated the post with the new download link and a new update for the wad. Let me know if you have any issues with playing the game.
  8. xavrua


    It's a great megawad. I personally enjoy it a lot, and often listen to its soundtrack. Great work from the legend.
  9. I agree with this, they can remove movies that is on their streaming service as well which Netflix does extremely often. Collecting Blu-rays is a nice hobby to have - AND you can watch it whenever you want without worrying if its gonna be available in a few months down the line.
  10. I enjoyed this map a lot. That midi accompanying the level was just perfect as well!
  11. I'll be honest... I thought they stopped that service years ago lol. Now the better question... what will those loyal customers of 25 years get in return?
  12. xavrua

    Phatas Mutory.wad

    So I can select as many as I want, then add to patch table, then add Texturex? I found an alternative tutorial which helped me understand the process a bit more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwbEFo74I-I
  13. xavrua

    Phatas Mutory.wad

    Hey! Thank you so much for trying the map out! Yeah after doing some edits with Slade it stopped the textures from working. I was using OTEX Textures, how would I get them to work with Slade? Would I just put the whole .pk3 file into it so it would recognise the textures? The video only really makes me understand that I would need to do all that for every single texture in OTEX. Haha thank you for trying out the map!
  14. Great map, I had fun with it. I started to rage a little bit not going to lie, but I got there in the end ahah. Those damn chaingunners!
  15. xavrua

    Civvie 11 FINALLY Does TNT: Evilution

    That would be epic! I personally want to see him play Valiant or something like that!