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  1. Hello Demonic. Since no one has taken Map02 yet can i be moved from Map03 to Map02?
  2. Meyland12

    MIDNIGHT - 7 maps in the gloom

    Cool maps set in night time. I esciaplly enjoyed map 4 becuase of fights and cemenetry section where monsters show up.
  3. Meyland12

    T.N.Terminus [3 map miniwad for TNT]

    What can i say? 🤔 There are really cool looking TNT maps. I don't often see techbase mixed with hell but you manage to mix these two themes very well. Intro map is also cool and set mood for rest of the wad. Fights are also quite hard but good. I recommend to play this pack. 😊
  4. Also i have 2 qustions. 1. I download that resoruce pack to use in my map right? 2. I guess someone else will do midi for my map right? I know some these qustions sound simple but i prefer to be sure.
  5. Hello there. 😎 Well it's truth that many megawads like for example Sunlust adopt Brothers Casill's tactic called "Throwing X chaingunners/Archvilles/Revennts as many as possible". I would like take map 3 since it's easier to use more low-tier ememies in first half of megawad. 😉
  6. Well i didn't play your map yet but however i managed to read txt file (first thing i always do before playing custom maps/mods since you can sometime see some intersting stuff). 😉 It's sad to hear that "Dr. Sleep" has passed away. 😔 I will of coruse play this map but guessing what i saw on screenshot this map already look very good and maybe it will play very good too. Of coruse it won't be easy level as you said this level required secert to exit and i am not very good at looking secerts in doom but i will try anyway.
  7. Meyland12

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    about that room good to know but fact that i was playing this map pack with project brutally didn't made this easier. Unfortually in brutal doom like mods game usually lags when tons of monsters are around but that fault of mod, not map itself. P.S: I will understand about that switch next time.
  8. Meyland12

    Doom 3: Phobos

    It's awesome to see Teaser for Doom 3 Phobos Episode 3. This mod will find place in my long list of mods to play. It's good to see that doom 3 modding scane is still alive in 2023. 😊
  9. Well however that dosen't change fact that RAMP 2023 has more maps them even RAMP 2021.
  10. Well DavidN himself said that you can send maps untii 30 june so you can make good simple map and send it. That means you can send map even in last day of June mouth. Good luck in making your own map. 😉
  11. Meyland12

    [RELEASED!!!] DISSENSION v1.3 Remaster

    Hello. I played this wad and i really enjoyed it. It always nice to see cool GZDoom wads like this. 😊 Special effects are great, cutscenes are really well made and maps are awesome. One thing i didn't enjoyed tho but overall this mappack is awesome. 😉
  12. Hello I finally made map for this project. Map Name: The Waste Cave Midi: 9-D2-10-HereticE2M7 (simple music from Heretic E2M7) Player Start Points Count: 6 (not counting that Player Start No.1 which i used to testing this map) I took insperation in making this map from Doom 2 Map 5 (These brown bricks and cave walls). I think this map is good both for muitple players and duels. Ok here is file. 😊 https://doomshack.org/uploads/D30-TheWasteCave.wad
  13. Hello can i sign up for this project and make one map too? 😉 I am working on other maps for for other projects but i think i will find time to make one map for this project. I will of coruse watch your tutorial Doomkid and read that guide. 😌
  14. Hello there. You don't need even to join their discord. If you are mapper all you have to do is make map and submit map at curret ramp website. You can even send map to "work-in-progress" and edit map at any time.
  15. Wait it's real!? Ramp 2023? 😱 Well i'm working on 2 commuity projects already but i will try make a map(s) for this project.