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  1. Meyland12

    Problems with decorate stuff + other qustion.

    Thank you for anwser. It helped. 😉
  2. Ok my idea for mixing both first levels of doom games was diffrent them what was in another project about mixing levels. However i'm changing my map slots to following: First map choice: Doom E1M5 Second maap choice: Doom 2 Map11 Desired map slot: MAP03
  3. Since dude here took map02 i would like take map03. First map choice: E1M1 from Doom 1 Second map choice: MAP01 from Doom 2 Desired map slot: MAP03
  4. Hello I'm making map for RAMP 2024 and i have few qustions. 1. What in world mean "Custom Investory" in shark decorate monster? Like how i add that Shark into my map without any problems? (Screenshot below) 2. What is diffrent between Zscript and decorate monsters, items etc? Like how you add them into map.
  5. I have qustion as well (to David himself speciafilly) I saw that you started doing playthroughs already and i have qustion about maps that are still WIP like mine. Let me quess first ready map go and those WIP will be at very end right? I ask not only i want videos of my maps asap but out of curiosity.
  6. Well it seem RAMP 2024 stared in saturday and already 48 slots. It seem i will have wait a bit for potenial videos etcsince i didn't manage to be fast enough to get best slots. I go size second slot asap. I will again make 2 maps for this project tho. 😊
  7. Hello. I will of coruse join but i have qustion. How many maps are sumiited already (even thoes WIP)? i ask becuase i don't see map list for some reason. 🤔
  8. Well i stay in project. I have new, Fresh idea for Map29 which will avoid mistakies of "orginal" version i made like ugly caves or unfair monster fights. I don't promise it will be 100% in everything perfect but at least i will try again. So i stay in project.
  9. Meyland12

    Doom 3 (Mod-Mappack) Crash After loading save

    What can i say? 🤔 Well for first Demios Panic came out in 2005 so 1 year after doom 3 so don't expect anything epic. This mod was part of unoffical Russian addon for doom 3 which was (maybe) sold commercially belive it or not. I mean I'm sure The Orbital Collapse which was made by same team was sold commercially but i am not sure about Deimos Panic but Image on moddb shows cover art so it's very possible giving fact The Orbital Collpase was sold in Russia so why not Demois Panic and rest of these addons. Anyway backing to mod it's really up to you. Be Ready for poor level design in some levels (tiny room, fullbright room, poor textures etc) and some questionable monster enocuters such as cyberdemon in not so big room in one of the maps. Some levels has rooms with fullbright which remind why the only reason doom 3 looks good was great use of light, dark and shadow in doom 3 game itself. Without those elements monsters, weapons etc look just ugly. First level of Deimos Panic looks great and it even has cutscenes and custom monsters but that's only becuase first level was stolen (i dobut authors even asked guy who made that map to use his map in thier mapack). Name of that "stolen" map is Obiwan Map01. Also get used to russian becuase this addon and many other addons made by same team use russian insteed of english but i think you shouldn't have any problems if you know where are basic buttons such as quit game etc. Lucky gameplay is typical doom gameplay: Go to room, kill monsters, find key/item and repeat so knowing of russian language isn't really needed becuase even story isn't that great. You can pretty much read story already at moddb mod info page. Also don't feel shame about using cheats not only in Demois Panic but also other addons like Phobos Anomaly if you either find some enocuters or you get problem to get somewhere. I mean There are only few reasons if you want play Deimos Panic and other russian addons from that time: - If you want play more doom 3 but you run out of mods/mappacks to play. - If you curious about history of doom 3 modding, russian mods/addons or just curious. - If you feel any kind of nostagic feeling either for doom 3 mods or early 2000s. As i said it's really up to you if you want play Deimos and other russian addons. However i recommend check out New Star (i didn't played it yet but it said that mod team tried recreate the atmosphere of the Doom movie so there will be a lot of zombie fights if you like these fights).
  10. Meyland12

    Doom 3 (Mod-Mappack) Crash After loading save

    For whatever reason that fix patch seem to work but my game dosen't crash anymore. I can finally enjoy some old Doom 3 mods. Thank you very much for help. 😊
  11. Hello i just downloaded old mappack for doom 3 called DeimosPanic from moddb. Loading saves from first level works well but on them on second thrid map for whatever reason game crash after loading saves from these levels whatever it's quicksave or autosave. You know what cause that problem? 🤔
  12. Why i always have special kind of "luck" where i join commuity projects that either get cancalled or project leads are inactive so long? 🤔 Well Heretic926 said my map (map29) is bad. I was thinking about making "updated" version of Map29 without all the isscues that was mentioned by Heretic926 but on other hand i don't want spend another tons of hours to fix or even make map29 from scratch again only to find out project is either cancalled or abandoned. Well for now i will keep bad (orginal) version of map29 on my harddrive and wait for any respond by project lead. However i really have dobuts about this project since project lead is inactive since November of last year. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Meyland12

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Is this real!? 😱 EVITERNITY II? Well i played first eviternity long time ago in gzdoom and that was has really great looking levels and really cool MIDIs which i like to listen sometimes even outside of playing that wad. I really enjoyed last episode. 🤩 I gonna play this wad today. 😎
  14. Meyland12

    How you add Zscript actors into map?

    It's works. Thank you very much. 😌
  15. Helllo I'm making my own map and i have problems with zscript actors. I want to add custom zscript minigun into my map but that error appers. I will also show how i set up my MAPINFO here. Well what i'm doing wrong if so how them you add zscript actors into your map via mapinfo? 🤔