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  1. Crisis King

    Doom 3 on two Voodoo 2s

    You know what? I've got a 9800pro but in another 3-4 years I'll probably trying to get my card to work in the latest game and probably with similar results...I mean how old is a Voodoo 2 anyways? 4-5-6 years? Damn upgrades, playing computer games is an expensive habbit.
  2. Crisis King

    Resurrection of Evil details

    There's always room for the SpiderMastermind. I'm not liking this new expansion pack so far except for the db shotgun. They need to change locations like someone here said before, you get sick of seeing the same textures and locations after a while.
  3. Crisis King

    Virtual diplacement mapping mod

    It has a lot of potential but it's not quite there yet. This stuff is pretty new and I think they use it on UE3.
  4. Crisis King

    Doom3 - video - Spoiler Alert

    Yeah lol, I thought it was an early trailer for the movie out next year or so. You had me so confused!
  5. Crisis King

    Cacodemon model - need info

    Hey Shred18, to generate normal maps you need this nVidia plugin for photoshop, it's very easy to use, PM me if you have any problems. http://download.nvidia.com/developer/NVTextureSuite/NormalMapFilter.8bf (PS It's Crisis not Chris, I got it from the name of a song, ;) )
  6. Crisis King

    Classic elements missing in Doom 3

    Right at the end before you fight the CyberDemon there are guys impaled on stuff everywhere. Theres one dude who's decapitated, no arms or legs and he's squirming around. Very cool, it actaully felt like a Doom game!
  7. Crisis King

    is there gonna be a doom3 (hell on earth) mod?

    Oh you're right. I didn't know they updated that site already, I think the imp would look a bit better if it had it's mouth open like the original. The mod you posted looks sweet. Can't wait for both!
  8. Crisis King

    Cacodemon model - need info

    Doublepost yeah I know sorry, but what program did you use to make that...Max/maya/lightwave or something else?
  9. Crisis King

    Cacodemon model - need info

    Try this Shred18 (got it from Doom3world.org). Nice model, very true to the original! ----------------------- EvilEngine wrote: I still need to figure out how the game selects different ids for custom meshes. find the cacomdemon .md5mesh in pk002 - find this line: Code: shader "models/monsters/cacodemon/cacodemon" Change it to whatever your shader is named, save it as mycacodemon.md5mesh in base\models\md5\monsters\cacodemon Now open the monster_flying_cacodemon.def in pk000 - find this line: Code: model monster_flying_cacodemon and change it to: Code: model monster_flying_mycacodemon Then find: Code: mesh models/md5/monsters/cacodemon/cacodemon.md5mesh Change it to: Code: mesh models/md5/monsters/cacodemon/mycacodemon.md5mesh Then find: Code: entityDef monster_flying_cacodemon and change it to Code: entityDef monster_flying_mycacodemon Save this in base\def\monster_flying_mycacodemon.def Now you have your own cacodemon! -----------------------
  10. Crisis King

    How to modify light properties?

    Is it just me or does the light's brightness property doesn't actually work?
  11. Crisis King

    is there gonna be a doom3 (hell on earth) mod?

    The thing is, the mod team I just showed you all had permission from ID software to do it. Since they're a professional mod team I'm thinking we'll be in for a good mod!
  12. Crisis King

    is there gonna be a doom3 (hell on earth) mod?

    Is this the one? http://mods.moddb.com/3636/
  13. Crisis King

    Do you think HL2 will have better graphics than Doom 3

    Well we are talking about a "Next Generation" game here aren't we? Imagine if all the new games/engines such as Unreal Engine 3 weren't making progress. If that were the case and no companies tried to improve their engines we'd still be playing on the Build engine or the original Doom engine...All I'm saying is with "Source" being a next-generation DX9 engine, I'm sure they couldv'e done something better with their Nintendo-like shadows. I agree about Doom 3's shadows though. No shadow is 100% black.
  14. Crisis King

    Do you think HL2 will have better graphics than Doom 3

    The only major flaw in the Source engine is the SHADOWS! They're garbage. This is meant to be a next generation game yet characters' shadows are in a different direction to the buildings shadows. I've seen shadows that are cast on a guy and he's standing next to a pole and there is no shadow on the pole. Also sometimes the shadows don't even connect to the characters foot sometimes. It's garbage, they need to implement realtime lighting in that source engine! I'll get screens for you if you want...
  15. Crisis King

    Getting D3Radiant to open up properly

    I've got a problem when opening up D3 editor, you see it changes my gamma and its really bright and when I exit d3radiant windows is really bright anyone know how I can fix this?