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    i just came back to doomworld and i see this bruh its a shame



  3. Shakariki Heisenberg


    Needs better ceiling texture alignment Chaingun table with ammo has no floor texture exit door has no margins (8px silver doorstop things) no exit indicator 3 silver rooms not 1 so false name exit room has lights but theyre not imitting any light into the room (needs better lighting) 4.20/10
  4. geneva suggestion is kinda overrated

  5. Shakariki Heisenberg

    How many levels is a "MEGAWAD"

    i used to think megawad meant 15 or more levels and anything below it is a miniwad but john romero made a 9 level set and called it a megawad, and he was one of the id bois who made DOOM so i dont even know anymore lmao. How many levels is a megawad?
  6. Shakariki Heisenberg

    Is using SAVES in Doom bad?

    i just reverse time instead of saving ngl but saving is good and it was added into the game and pretty much every other game in the world for a reason so
  7. Shakariki Heisenberg

    Romero And Carmack Live Stream

    dayum carmack looks & sounds so much dif than i remember
  8. Shakariki Heisenberg

    Which artists would you have wanted to see live?

    MF DOOM (real MF DOOM not DOOMBOT ofc) and this isnt rlly an "artist" its a band but whatever, tallyhall
  9. Shakariki Heisenberg

    Looking for a gore-free/SFW vanilla/chocolate DOOM mod

    DOOM without BLOOD!?, im pretty sure yt doesnt age restrict or take away ads if u have footage of doom lol. but in this thread Linguica posted a deh file where it takes away all the blood in sprites (not textures tho) (i just played the mod and the monsters have no blood in the animations and when they die they just disintegrate into archvile flames without any body or anything)
  10. Im new to making MIDI or just music in general and i cant really afford to buy a actual midi keyboard and what ive seen with other music editing software like FL or Bandlab is that you can use your Computer keyboard as a device to put notes on a track and im wondering if its possible to, instead of clicking the mouse and dragging the length of notes forever just use a keyboard. (im using sekaiju version 7.9)
  11. Shakariki Heisenberg

    Random Image Thread

    Prompt: Disney movie style poster with the title : "DOOM"
  12. Shakariki Heisenberg

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    The ad thing has made me watch less youtube but, it is so fucking annoying to watch multiple ads on a 5 second video, and what ive noticed is that when i watch my own youtube videos THEY HAVE ADS ON IT AND MY CHANNEL ISNT EVEN ELIGABLE TO GET ADS ON IT OR MAKE MONEY FROM ADS so theyre just putting ads on literally every video and profiting off of that without even paying the creator (also ik u can download vids with ytdlp and i use it too but im not tryna download every single video i see yk)