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  1. Jomero

    Coverscans, original adverts...

    Sorry for the necropost. I've been looking for another really old advertisement for DooM lately (does it say something about our generation when we wax nostalgic for commercials and printed ads?). The ad said this: "Want to be a hero? Go to hell!" Anyone know if it exists anywhere out there digitally? Or even remember it? =]
  2. Jomero

    the doom movie

    I have been a fan of DooM since 1993. I was one of the original guys who had downloaded a copy of original shareware version (from a BBS, something many of you probably have never heard of) shortly after it's release to the world. I remember when version 1.2 was the "latest" revision. I remember distinctly a nazi swastika being in E1M4, and thought it was an awesome nod to Wolfenstein 3D. Hell, DooM and I share the same birthday (December 10th). Suffice it to say, I'm a very long-time fan and my connection to the game runs deep. Now, with that said, I liked the movie. Yes, I was disappointed when I learned the monsters were not literal hellspawn. But you know what? The spirit of DooM is there. It really is. I can easily tell the difference between this and a resident evil movie. If someone were to show me this movie and not tell me the title of it (and even if I had never played Doom 3) my brain would immediately say, "This is a lot like Doom. A LOT like it." Anyone notice that one of the doors had the yellow lights around it, like a yellow key-card door from the original game? And that such a card was used to open it? Nods like that made me smile. Even Karl Urban's face reminded me a ton of Doomguy's. I enjoyed the movie. I even and especially enjoyed the first person mode. The movie, like the game, did not take itself seriously. It was exactly the right tone of DooM. This very long-time DooM fan was not disappointed at all. And had the biggest grin on his face after the movie ended.
  3. Jomero

    Udderdude's ROE Review

    Dunno about extra firepower to guns or not. I assumed "berzerk" was just like getting the berzerk power from before, and now your fists are superweapons. And it's true. If you use the artifact, you can kill a hellknight with just one punch. Yeah, the artifact is a bit too overpowered.
  4. I loved the "hazard suit." It's a great nod to the original DooM, even though the suit is just a helmet. I wish you put on this thing when you had to go on the surface of Mars! The muffled sounds, the built-in light, the distortion of the mask, I love it. I was disappointed when I had to take it off. And I was disappointed when I had to run on the surface of Mars shortly after and not don the helmet again. :( -Jomero
  5. Jomero

    Doom 3. scary?

    Unless of course, HL3 does the same thing that HL2 did: Not answering a single question already posed in the previous games, and then pose even MORE questions without answering them one bit.
  6. Jomero

    Doom 3. scary?

    It's scary if you want it to be scary. If your mindset is "Bah. I'm not gonna be scared. You can't make me scared! Go ahead and try!" then yeah, it's not going to be scary. You have to psych yourself up for it, and LIKE feeling that uncomfortableness that comes with being offput by the unknown and supernatural.
  7. Jomero

    Need help in Hell

    The monster only charges you when a seeker has located you. So if you need a breather, kill all the seekers except one and then stay out of the last seeker's spotlight. Then you can regroup, reload, find some health kits, or whatever you need and then go back to business.
  8. Jomero

    "...and I built his cage"

    It's "built." Why is it built? Other than the fact that is what he said? Well, other than the reasons already stated, "built" emphasizes that he and his fellow scientists were quite arrogant in believing that they could actually CONTAIN and CONTROL the devil. That their "built" cage is flawless and would get the job done without a problem at all. It was that same arrogance that resulted in the entire catastrophe.
  9. Jomero

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    Well, just make the SSG able to kill things more than 2 inches away from you and it will be far better than the regular shotgun and still not be overpowered.
  10. Jomero

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    "Through the discovery of a timeless evil artifact, you hold the powers of Hell in your hands, and the demons have come to take it back." I hope they're not talking about the Soul Cube because 1. It's buried under several tons of rock or it's found it's way back to hell. 2. It was not an evil artifact, but a very good and righteous one.
  11. Jomero

    Half-Life 2/Doom 3 Tech Comparison

    That's a weak excuse and you know it. Fans would not complain one bit if they got an actor that sounded slightly similar but could actually deliver believable lines. Maybe one or two would complain, but they'd get over it in 1 day. The millions of other fans wouldn't care that the crappy actor wasn't back.
  12. Jomero

    Half-Life 2/Doom 3 Tech Comparison

    Good face animations won't do much if the voice coming from them is crap. And the voice actor of the G-Man sucks so hard that he makes Monica Lewinsky blush. Good voice acting can make a good game even greater. Think: Deckard Cain from Diablo. The thing that impressed me the most, and also surprised me the most, was how awesome the voice actors were. Even in the voicemails in the PDA, all of them were top notch. Swann: "Yes, Dr. Bettruger. I think I do understand." All those lines were delivered great. G-man? He speaks with pauses....not unlike.... William.... Shatner. And tries to use catch phrases..... like Agent Smith... from the.... Matrix. Extreme suckitude. Hopefully the rest of the game can make up for that.
  13. Jomero

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    He's right, Quake 2 weapons are essentially DooM 2 weapons. I don't really feel a railgun fits in the doom universe though.
  14. Jomero

    Arch Ville-- The bastard...

    I liked Pumpkinhead. :D
  15. Jomero

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    Ah. I was looking where the part number would be. Forgot the key was at thee bottom. Heh.
  16. Jomero

    Half-Life 2/Doom 3 Tech Comparison

    The biggest downfall of HL2 that I've seen (well, heard) so far is the voice acting. It's horrible. Atrocious. ESPECIALLY the G-Man. DooM 3's voice acting was top-notch. Far, far, FAR exceeded even my expectations. Sure the G-Man looks good, but the second he opens his mouth I wince.
  17. Jomero

    Most FPS you have gotten on the highest settings

    Timedemos aren't capped.
  18. Jomero

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    Nice photoshop job, but not nice enough. You kept your rectangle that you blocked out the key with one color, and it's inconsistent with the rest of the sticker.
  19. Jomero

    I'm not too impressed

    What are people expecting this game to do? Have Roseanne Barr reach through monitor and touch their no-no parts? It's fine how it is.
  20. Jomero

    Doom 3 on a Voodoo5500 is possible

    *sniff* I miss 3DFX. :( I've been around since 3D acceleration first made it onto the scene with GLQuake. First 3D card I owned was a Diamond Monster 3D, which was a VooDoo 1. Even owned a Voodoo2, a Voodoo3, and a Voodoo 5. It's too bad Nvidia bought them out.
  21. Jomero

    Are there more video's of "Mesh" playing Doom3?

    I couldn't stand NOT to play DooM 3 in the dark! I hate any and all sorts of glare or distractions. Hell, I put a thick blanket over my window (on top of having blinds and a curtain) just so I could play in total darkness. I was also living completely alone at the time. :D And I agree, D3 wasn't THAT scary but it sure did have a great spooky atmosphere. Though the Shalebridge Cradle mission in Thief 3 was far more scary and psychologically manipulative. I think that mission alone would cause Mesh to have a heart attack and die. Though I do give him credit to allowing himself to be filmed and not resorting to the duct tape mod like so many wusses have. :D
  22. Jomero

    Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3

    Cool, but yeah, you punch too fast and don't get the +25 and +250 bonuses for it.
  23. Jomero

    Anyone Ever Notice The Eyes?

    I didn't notice them my first time through but on my second and third time, I did. At the beginning of the level where the guy is trapped in the room and you can either let him out or fry him in the big machine (am pretty sure it's that level) you can see a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the back corner of the room. As you get closer, the eyes duck down behind the crates, and then a voice from that direction says "Over here." When you go to investigate, all you find is some armor shards and some ammo (or something trivial like that). But those eyes watching you, and the fact they moved, and the voice... that was kinda freaky when I discovered them the second time around. I thought, "those kinda look like eyes.... WHAT THE!?! Ack!"
  24. Jomero

    Why lose guns?

    Two satisfactory explanations: 1. As someone else pointed out, it's a nod to the original DooM in that when you changed complete locations (ie: episodes... phobos, deimos, and hell) you lost your weapons. 2. It could be that organic material and inorganic material CANNOT be transported together and must be transported seperately. Probably why there are so many containers at the teleport landing in Hell. You could say "But you can teleport with your guns throughout the lab" but I could say "Those teleporters are different than the gigantic one that sends you to hell specifically, and therefore calibrated differently. Possibly because it's easier to seperate inorganic and organic material when teleporting to the same dimensional plane." So there you go. A realistic explanation, and a geeky fictional but sensible explanation.
  25. Jomero

    Graphics Board for Doom3

    I traded the X800 Pro back to the store and paid the difference between it and a 6800 Ultra. The reason why I took the X800 back was because ATI really pissed me off. It took them too long to fix their drivers for the games that I play, and by the time they did it was too little, too late (and still not a 100% fixed on some). I got sick of it, and the fact that their X800 XT's (their fastest card) are nowhere in site. Last I heard, the XT's were recalled. I said fuck that shit, and went back to Nvidia. I am not rich, but I make enough to afford my own place with some change. If it makes you feel any better, the card I had right before my X800 Pro/6800 Ultra was a GeForce 3 Ti 500.