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  1. WereAllDoomed

    Constant flickering...

    Glad it worked for you too Azreal_X. Love & Peace to all.
  2. WereAllDoomed

    Constant flickering...

    I still find using 'Block Transfer' gives best performance with no flickering. Using r_finish 1 seems to knock over 5 fps off my timedemo. I don't know what the issue is with thi flickering, is it a bug? or a problem with some cards or settings?. Someone else try the 'Block Transfer' setting and see if it improves perfomance with out the flickering.
  3. WereAllDoomed

    Constant flickering...

    Try downloading Rivatuner and set the back buffer setting to "block transfer"
  4. WereAllDoomed

    Doom 3 [H]ardware Guide

    They have a more comprehensive benchmark round up now, from min spec to the best you can buy. www2.hardocp.com/artical.HTML?ART=NjQ0 Looks like I'll be playing @ 800 x 600 with high details. XP2500 5700 ultra 1GB Ram
  5. WereAllDoomed

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    Just to correct again. Win 98se IS still supported by DX9. I am currently using ver DX9c the latest version available for any OS.
  6. WereAllDoomed

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    Well I've done the evil deed...see what d3 has done to me..I've just ordered XP AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh and the fact Ive just read the Medal Of Honour demo due Fri is...yes XP only. This is one upgrade(Huh) I'm not looking forward to. If anyone has any advice regarding installing and tweaking, feel free. XP home full version, could not afford Pro.
  7. WereAllDoomed

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    I don't want to sound conspiratorial but I do wonder if Microsoft is putting pressure on pulishers to drop 9x OS's. When there are still hundreds of thounsands of users it dosn't seem to make sense to lose customers. Also the fact that ID has gone to great lenghts to make D3 run older GPU's(GF4MX 440) it seem odd they would block 9x users. I wish someone would give offical confirmation on this as I want some time to perform the upgrage and iron out the the almost garanteed problems I'll encounter.
  8. WereAllDoomed

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    Just the clear-up a couple of points. DirectX 9c is now available on Win98se..I'm using it. 98/ME can also use in excess of 512mb of Ram with a simple Sys Ini entry, stopping Windows going mad with addresses. I've been running 1gb of Ram for a week now and have only seen improvements. I have always considered XP bloated-not really a gaming O/S, it swallows up a lot of resources and has to be tweaked a lot to get it running slickly. It had/has the refresh rate bug and the pain of activation. Maybe ATi dropping driver support has something to do with 9x being dropped by publishers. Until now 9x has allowed me to run games old and new, somthing Xp stuggles to do..I consider myself a true gamer.
  9. WereAllDoomed

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    Is this confirmed 100%? if so guess I'll finally upgrade. Just spent £70.00 on another 512mb of Ram for this game and XP will be another £70.00, so with the game that will be a total of £170 just for doom3. It better be f***ing good!!! So can someone please confirm this.
  10. WereAllDoomed

    Is pre-odering better than first day purchasing?

    Well I've pre-ordered it at my local independent game store, this way I have the peace-of-mind knowing I'll get on release day...13th or is the 6th? bloody UK..without the risk of them selling out. I did pre-order Far Cry from Play.com and had to wait four days after release to get it, which was murder, so never again, even if it does save money.
  11. WereAllDoomed

    First Doom 3 retail edition benchmarks!

    I too want to see some low-res benches. I prefer to play @ 800*600 maxed, than 1024*768> at lower details. This is even more true of cutting edge games Far Cry etc, where the lighting and surface effects..for me..are far more important than slightly jagged edges.