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  1. "Outdated" after a few days with a rambling story and a typing style that mirrors this guy making multiple accounts: https://www.doomworld.com/profile/47571-blaze44/
  2. Goldar

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    The time when I played this map for the first time, I stopped to simply listen and got a wee misty-eyed
  3. Goldar

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    You'd bump Eviternity for SIGIL? Alrighty then.
  4. I would never have assumed these were done in a speedmapping project going by the screenshots. They look very impressive. Looking forward to playing them!
  5. Goldar

    Warrior (megawad for Doom 2)

    Cheers! It's about here where I can't figure out how i'm meant to move ahead. Is it because I don't have jump enabled, or is there a point of progress that's timed and i'm just impatient?
  6. Goldar

    Warrior (megawad for Doom 2)

    Taking a break because i'm stuck on MAP21 - I just cannot figure out how to cross the lake (?) and get over that bridge thing in order to progress. The game does start to lose momentum once the player reaches the Your Own City episode, to be honest. The constant switch-hitting becomes tedious and I had to idclip my way though more than one map just to figure out how to get to the next encounter.
  7. Goldar

    Warrior (megawad for Doom 2)

    Dude! For your first publicly-released megawad, this is ambitious and creative. I was a little underwhelmed when I saw all the vanilla sprites and textures, I thought it was going to be a straightforward by-the-numbers debut that was testing the waters. But it's what you did with these resources that's impressing me so far (can't remember which map i'm up to but it's in the teens). There are some kinks to iron out but so far, it's pleasantly surprising and i'm having a great time. (P.S. In case it's a spoiler - your use of a particular thing at the end of MAP10 was devilishly crafty and well hidden, the best i've personally seen a mapper use it.)
  8. Goldar


    See Four Comas by Dawnbreeze (Map 34) in the RAMP 2023 project. If this is anything to go by, the experimentation and creativity that My House has inspired is only likely to produce other exciting pieces, but with their own identities. It's a key that unlocks a door to new potential...
  9. Goldar

    The Babysitter update

    ...Are you okay?
  10. Goldar

    Best Megawad Soundtrack

    Another one for Ancient Aliens, but also for Eviternity - and it's no coincidence that Jimmy and Stewboy worked on both. Sometimes i'll put this on just to chill.
  11. Goldar


    ...Ohh, left the file and command in the batch file carried over from the last install. That'd do it. Oops.
  12. Goldar


    I recently updated GZDoom and, um, help?
  13. Goldar


    My first reaction to seeing a new installment was, "Wait...there's even MORE to this game? How many secrets can one wad hold?" Seeing how the creator pulled off certain tricks in a way that sounds simple even to me, very much a layperson, only makes me appreciate the technical wizardry of My House more. The possibility that the player could've interacted with the payphone in one iteration is an exciting little twist.
  14. Creep Doctor. Dude. This level is the answer to "how much creepier can a level get?". Had my heart doing the Riverdance.
  15. Wet Hot American Summer There's just no way you could get this cast together again for now with such a low budget.