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  1. Just wanted to tell my story of doom cuz im new here.

    The first way i got to doom was by my cousin's comp back in mid 1994. It was slow, but we got to still get high detail on the levels. My cousin had registered doom on his comp, so i decided to download shareware on my comp. Then, i showed all my friends in 1995(i was 8) DooM 2 and they all got scared. haha. so then i decided to go back to my cuz to play doom for a while. My cousin was a doom expert, he made some wads over the years, some were quite complex. He never released them, only to his joy and delight. I was able to try to make a level, but it turned out to have bazillions of errors. It was barely able to load, but it still worked for 5 seconds. It eventually was deleted. So, then we got final doom, and it seemed like doom was really old. My cousin made 1 wad for himself, then went on to Quake and never went back. I decided to just stick to doom, and eventually i beat it on nightmare. I was surprised, so the game was so addicting to me. My cousin was so impressed. He wasnt even able to beat it on hurt me plenty. He enjoyed making DooM wads with little time on his hands. He never beat the game without cheats. He used to enter idspispopd and run thru the entire level. After 1998, i never played doom again, and i started dreamcast, ps2, and tons of other stuff not related to pc games or video games at all. In 2003, i found this site after calling up my cousin to borrow Quake 3 for the weekend. He said i could borrow doom 2, and i remembered. i said yes, and after 2 days of intense DooMing, he came over and showed me this site. I followed the controversy of Evilution, Doomsday 1994, and i had never seen doom so active. Many more people were coming back to this game, and now we are on the eve of doom 3, coming out August 3rd-5th. So, it was January, and i knew doomsday 2003 was coming soon. I stuck around for the aniversary, and got to see Evilution, UAC labs, and wow.wad on the top 10 most infamous wads. I remember aliens TC, and i still had it. But i found this forum a while ago, thought i might post my story, and here i am. Typing these letters, after 3-4 years of forgetting doom. And all i can say is,

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