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  1. Well, i decided to write a timeline of my DooMing. I had written like 2-3 paragraphs last time but now i wanna write a timeline. here's my timeline:

    Dec.10, 1993- I had no idea what the fuck was going on. Didnt know DooM was released. I was 6.

    Feb.1994-My cousin shows me his new copy of DooM full version. I play it with him(he was 9 at the time)and i was amazed at it. I was really impressed.

    Apr.1994-My dad gets the shareware for me. I play and play and play.

    Aug.1994-Finally, my dad buys me DooM full version. i become obsessed. The obsession begins!

    Dec.1994-I got DooM 2 for Christmas. My cuz had had it for 2 weeks now. What a way to end my 1st year of dooming. Let the obsession begin...AGAIN!!!!

    1995-I find my old shareware DooM file and toy with it. I go back to attempting to beat DooM 2 on nightmare.

    1996-By now i decide to go get Final DooM, and my fave level was TNT level 9 on nightmare. Heheh...

    1997-My cuz makes his first wad, only for himself and me. He starts to toy with Ultimate DooM, as i purchase it in december.

    1998-I seem to forget about DooM as i turn 12, as my cuz starts to make some preety cool levels, but just for him and me.

    1999-I re-rediscover my OLD doom shareware, and i mess around with it again.

    2000-I find my old, dirty DooM 2 disc. I put it in my windows 98, and im pissed because the CD was damaged or something. I find on the internet many old WAD files like Aliens TC and i rediscover them as my old files of them were outdated.

    2001-I call up my cuz, and we play co-op Doom 2.That started a tradition that every 2 weeks, we would engage in either deathmatch or co-op.

    2002-2003: Not much dooming in these years except for the tradition i mentioned above. Not much SP to be exact.

    2004: Let the obsession re-begin...AGAIN!!!! I buy DooM Collectors edition amd im thrilled. I re-download cyberdreams. I call up my cousin and he buys it too. The tradition still continues, with him and i both every 2 weeks playing DooM together. And most of all, i learn a whole new generation of doom-DooM3. and shit, i still haven't got it! Dammit!

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    2. Sephiroth


      january 1994 - mother shows me doom, she had been playing it for a week. the computer, a DELL 486 88MhzDX, had finaly arived in late december. i was hooked
      some time later in 1994 aug-december, i will guess october we got doom II thru her work. yes he installed it on floppies. ironicly i was not very good with dos, so we had the game for 5 days before her firend installed it. played it that night, however she didnt install it in the standard dir. c:\chester over c:\doom2 so i had to call her the next time i came up there.

      in 1995 i finaly bought a full version of doom, i only had the shareware version and doom II. i also got D!zone
      1999, i began to come to DW
      2004 i got doom III

    3. DooMer87
    4. Ralphis


      August 20, 2004

      I hate you