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  1. The reason I have been away from doomworld for a while is because my life is FUCKING FALLING APART. My hockey team folded(i cannot fully describe it in four words). My aunt can't walk anymore. My cousin is near death. Everyone makes fun of me, being a FUCKING RETARD towards me. I never did anything to them, and ALWAYS, either it is at work, at school, at hockey, or just plain on the phone(answering machine). I think if i died tomorrow, about 15 people would care. MAYBE 20-25. At the most. Now, i have no criminal or juvinile background. I have never stole anything from anyone, nor loved money more than anything in the world. I dearly hope nobody else will get deeply sick in the next year, or I don't know what i am going to do. But why me? Sure, i have lied(well, who doesn't once in a while?) but that really doesn't make a big deal. Something is probably going to happen next. I have no idea at all, but if it's at the same level of horror this is, then, well, that would suck, wouldn't it? I cannot and will not describe my other personal fears and happenings here on doomworld. They are just too horrible to describe in one sentence. Take my hockey team, for example. My travel hockey team folded. Now, we could have gone to Toronto, Cleveland, Holland(i would have been in holland, michigan right now), St. Louis, South Bend, Chicago, and many other places. But because one of my friends dropped out, the dominoes fell. My coach left. My goalie left. A ton of players left. All that was left was a new coach and 6-7 kids. He tried to repair the team and promised not to fold and big, awesome tournaments, but that never happened. I waited until the ship sunk. And it did sink. The team collapsed. I now play for a different hockey leauge. But that was just the start of it. But why me? What did i do?

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    2. Ninja_of_DooM


      hehe, same here.:D

    3. DooMer87


      Anyone here play hockey? I USED to play bronze(i was drunk and tired when i said i was on AAA.) I'm gold by now, by far.

    4. Quast


      DooMer87 said:

      Anyone here play hockey? I USED to play bronze(i was drunk and tired when i said i was on AAA.) I'm gold by now, by far.

      I used to play (squirts, peewee, HS leagues and the like) all through school, so probably like 13 years or so. I graduated in '00 though. Since then I haven't even gone skating as much as I'd like. It would really help if this damn town had an outdoor rink...I'd be ecstatic.

      Our peewee team in the 93-94 season won every game we possibly could, winning the district tourney and getting us to regions where we kicked ass. I still have my gold medal...as it is about the only thing i've ever really accomplished. We were the first team from our town of any age/gender group to even get to regions...ever. And to this day no team has been back.

      good times, good times

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