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  1. The question i have asked earlier was "Why me?"
    I still continously ask that question.

    My cousin(MikeTheDooMer)has been shot and now is in Critical care in a Chicago hospital. My uncle is also fighting for his life in Chicago(he has heart disease, lung cancer, pneumonia maybe) and i drive over there, every day, to visit them from my Condo. I have just heard my cousin may die tonight. I cannot describe this dark month i have had...

    NOTE: Just recieved this info, more edits and updates to follow.

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    2. DooMer87


      Wow, this has been a horrible month for me. My dad AND my grandfather have both died. Sundays will never be the same...

    3. myk


      DooMer87 said:
      yeah, it sucks, and i've gotten lazy about posting here, but this will all hopefully turn out OK.

      Did I mention my dad died?


    4. Dittohead


      DooMer87 said:

      It was a beautiful day, and i was taking a walk with my cousin and uncle. All of a sudden, my dad was there. "This is my gift to you." he said, and gave me a handshake.

      Did I mention my dad died?


      If you're serious, you have my full honest condolences.

      If you're fucking with us, we'll burn you at the stake.