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  1. This "thing" has absolutely no sign of stopping!

    My dad died in intensive care(hospital).

    My cousin died(yes, he died)of a shot to the chest.

    My grandpa died of heart failures.

    Everyone who goes to my high school hates me except for my friends, who are the smartest group at our school ever. We are considered the "fucking morons who are so smart".

    When will it stop? My social life has kept me from coming here. But there is a good side to this. The friends I do have are very smart people, just like me. We may graduate early. Maybe in the next month or two. My dean has said a few words about it, but I dont know anything else. We are going to a meeting on Wednesday. Maybe we'll find out there. But everything is still confusing. My dad left my mom and me and my 5 other siblings. My ALIVE grandparents are moving in with them because I do not have the time to be with them right now. My sole concern is to concentrate on my studies and my hockey team. I have started to become optimistic now.

    Things are getting better. Kind of.

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    2. chilvence


      DooMer87 said:

      We are considered the "fucking morons who are so smart".

      There is a painful truth to this

    3. AlexMax


      High school blows and is totally irrelivent to anything else you'll ever do except get you into college.

      Sersiously. Fuck High School.

    4. deathbringer


      Alexmax speaks truth, as i was saying to this woman giving me a lift last night, a year after you leave school you'll be laughing at the pricks who bullied you. Mainly cause they will be the barely-literate spotty jerks working on the tills at tescos, doing a ton of overtime to support thier kid they had when they where 15