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  1. That would be me.

    I have come a long way from what happened in October/November. It's a long story, how so many family members cried for me, how my Uncle Seamus told me stories about him and my dad when he died, and how I managed to deal with this and still live. But I moved on. I did something no other family member could do. Well, currently, I am in Ireland, once again, where my father was born. I visited my family 2 weeks ago, then about a week ago I drove from where we are, in Ireland, to Northern Ireland, the place I want the British to return to us. I drove up to Belfast to visit a cousin. I bought Family Guy DVDs. Then, I drove back, and today we are going to Dublin to spend the evening. My Uncle Seamus and I have had a lot of fun here. I think it's my 1000000th time in the old country. Anyway, I'll be here for another week, then head back to Chicago to work on many things. My dad left me his Law business. Quite a business he had. Many people work there. I remember coming there for the first time. My father then had a very string Irish accent. It slowly faded over the years, as he became accustomed to the states. Well, i have to go now. Got to help Seamus feed the sheep.

    Mike (my name is Mike, but i used to go by my middle name, Scott.)

    EDIT: By the way, I'm also Catholic.