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  1. I went to go to where my dad is buried yesterday, and my Uncle Seamus and Aunt Mary brought up quite a question. Since i'm a double citizen, [i was born in Ireland, moved to U.S. when I was about 2] I can move to Ireland. My uncle Seamus noticed a kind of pale feeling inside me, and that it was gone when I came here. He offered me a large plot of land next to his, that he has owned for a long time. My Aunt Mary would live with me, since she is selling her home. I would build a big house on it. I would not be a farmer, I would be a lawyer. Every day, I would go into the town of (do you think i would tell YOU?) and go about my business. My family back home doesn't want me to move, but I must. And I will. I will, however, keep writing to you, via my laptop.

    Yours Truly,

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    2. DooMer87


      Danarchy said:

      Please tell me they don't have the internet in Ireland.


    3. Job


      So long and thanks for the potatoes.

    4. DooMer87


      Job said:

      So long and thanks for the potatoes.

      1. I'm not leaving DooMworld. I just came back!

      2. Potatoes...mmm.