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  1. my cousin, when he died, left behind some stuff that surpirsed me. He had started a megaWAD project. It would be his first thing that he would do that wasn't DM or CTF. He had told me once, and had showed it to me, but i thought it was a megaWAD of DMs. Anyway, we had recently switched our DM sessions from sunday to saturday morning at 5 a.m. and made it so we would DM every other saturday. The sessions would be quite fun. my cousin would make a brand new WAD for DM online. I would play him, and I usually won. He had a great process, and i'll show it to you here.

    1.Planning-What would make this "Saturday Morning" WAD be a great one?
    Once that was done, he would move on to
    2.Architecture-What will it look like?
    He would usually fax me the layout or e-mail it to me, and i would make my own changes and stuff and send it back to him.
    3.Extras-Where will all the weapons/ammo/health be?
    He usually swept through this one in an hour or two.
    4.Images-He usually worked on new weapons at like 2 a.m. with me.
    5.Building-Usually on the second Thursday. It sometimes was a skyscraper, a plain, simple path, or even a small room that would fit the two of us and the two of us alone!
    6.Now that all that was done, we would spend time Friday Night just practicing and figuring out where everything is.

    Anyway, he had in progress about 3 wads. I'm still working on them, due to the mess of stuff going on. His megaWAD was in the process of images. Now, i've started working on this. It will be great. Anyway, i wont tell you about the megaWAD, but i'll tell you about the 3 wads in progress.

    1.Law-2 levels, one would take place in a court room. Zombiemen that couldn't see you would be in the seats. The other level would be about the Family Guy. I'm also working on that, it will take a while for that one to be done.

    2.History Eraser Button-Based on ren and stimpy. A small DM map. Only planning had been done.

    3. This-a spinoff of the level "dis". Very early planning had been done. Not much known.

    Anyway, i bet you want to have some ones that we always played on in the past. Well, i'm still looking for the collection of DM floppy disks, some dating back to 1997. Haha no 1994 crap here. Anyway, this reminds me of how john k was fired off of ren and stimpy, and Dickelodeon had to finish his work. (AKA THE DUMBASS 9-YEAR-OLD-POSERS-WHO-THINK-THEY'RE-15-NETWORK also known as...nickelodeon) I have to go back and finish my cousin's work. Well, at least i'll

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