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  1. Hmm...seems like things are getting TOO complicated. Quite strange. I've been having a great time lately, enjoying all my friends and parties and trips to ireland and work meetings and union meetings and hockey clinics and pissing in the bathroom while at a meeting and stuff...but i'm too busy. I think my remodeling of my cousin's megaWAD has taken too much time alone, so i formed a team over the videophone, you know, that thing that's a screen that you can talk to other people with? I've got 2 of them and a computer at my work desk. I was bored and had nothing to do, so i opened my cousin's file. I added some more health and worked on the textures for the new weapons in it, and started new enemies. I thought that it would take too long to work by myself, so i videophoned my bro on the south side and my cousin in Dublin, who recently moved there. We formed a "team" which included me, my cousin, my brother, my cousin's neighbor, and 2 of my friends. We all now have the incomplete file. The team name is "Finish Them Off" or FTO for short. Team FTO has a new crappy unfinished 1997 wad in the works...i guess. Heh...well i don't care when it's done. It's done when it's done. Well, i guess complicated is good. And no one sing avril lavinge in this topic, she's another wannabe like ashley simpson.