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  1. At first, I was scared to do this. I feared that too many people would continue to step in and ridiculously flame me. But no, I've got to return to blogs because it's senseless to sit in the corner trying to bar myself. But first, let me state one thing.

    This is not your life. This is mine.

    In my last blog, some of you remember how you found out i was a lawyer's assistant, not a lawyer (after law school, of course, that will change). As repeated above, this is not your life. If you have a problem with the way I live or work or play then boo hoo, it's not my problem. It's yours. Now who cares what i drive or do or write on doomworld on? It doesn't matter. It's my life, and not yours. So don't click the post reply button if you have a problem with me. Now, onto the blog...

    I've been thinking about hockey and all. Tryouts have started for my local team, and I'm trying out. I play defense, one of the toughest positions. Last year, my AAA team (not the orginization, just the level i play at) folded due to a lack of players. My team consists of a few co-workers, a few neighbors, a family member, and me. I am the captian. We play in a men's league. The coach will be my Uncle Seamus. He's went through the USA hockey levels and crap, and thanks to me, he is a level 4 coach. But i dont think that mens league coaches are required to have usa hockey thingies. But, he did coach me when i was little. My father taught him all about hockey when my dad was about 10. He heard of this great sport, and taught him. Seamus never got the chance to play. However, he is one hell of a coach.

    Anyway, on to the rest of my life. I'm going to be a freshman at Harvard this year. I will major in political science. I'm hoping to have a great time at college, and from time to time, will go visit Seamus and the rest. Also, about 4 days ago my cousin Joey moved to San Diego for work. It's great to be an Alumni of my high school. I had some bad memories, but that was mostly in Senior year. I heard my house in Ireland will be taken care of by my uncle Sean. So, that's it. I returned to blogs. Now just do me a god damn favor and don't click that post reply button if you've got something nasty to say.

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    2. Linguica


      If you would be so kind as to point out the Political Science major on http://www.registrar.fas.harvard.edu/handbooks/student/chapter3/index.html I would appreciate it thx in advance

    3. Dco16


      -Edited, because I said something stupid-

    4. DooMer87


      Linguica said:

      If you would be so kind as to point out the Political Science major on http://www.registrar.fas.harvard.edu/handbooks/student/chapter3/index.html I would appreciate it thx in advance

      Does history and literature make you happy? You know, it doesn't sound smart that i'm majoring in that. So i said political science, because some people wouldn't believe that i want to be a lawyer.

      No one would believe me that i'm becoming a lawyer due to the recent blog post, so i had to say something. Keep taking shots at me, people. Especially Ling, Dan, and other guys. I'm not gonna fall to my death anytime soon.

      Here's my full explanation: I post a blog, i get harassed. I try to cover it up so people won't harass me anymore, and ling goes and unearths my last cover-up. To ling: It was a defense, not a big fat lie. I had to say something.

      So, i am hereby closing this thread. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT AT ME. I'm absolutely appauled at the way this thread was treated. I wanted to restore peace to my name, and all i got was a full of shit stamp under my name and a lot of people's harassments. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING OFFENSIVE TO ANYONE. I repeat, I NEVER FLAMED ANYONE. And i will not. I come here and try to be nice, and you know, i get shit shoveled in my face. I am not leaving doomworld, nor am I asking for anything to happen to me. ALL I WANT IS FOR YOU TO JUST STOP.

      Now, if a mod is reading this, you may assume I'm lying and all shit. Just remember i've tried my best to stop the harassment, and the only way was to fight harassment with a little white lie. And you people go and make a big deal about it. I am not leaving doomworld. This is not a goodbye message. I just want people to know that I'm offended and I WILL CONTINUE TO POST ON BLOGS, LIKE IT OR NOT. I don't care if you say things behind my back, all i am asking is that you just stop the harassment. I still am the same person. I've been questioned about everything, even MY OWN RELATIVES' DEATH? WHAT THE HELL! I do not feel respected when I mention my family's recent deaths. I feel harassed about that, too. I'm going to end this with one last sentence: