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  1. DooMer87

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    Why? Why not? The game is just too much fun to stay away from.
  2. In 1985, Van Halen, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, fired its singer, David Lee Roth. He went solo as you probably already knew. The group hired Sammy Hagar to take Roth's spot. Since then, people have been waiting for the Van Halen reunion. It was nearly achieved in 1996, with the greatest hits album having 2 new tracks with Roth. The 4 original VH members appeared at the MTV music video awards in 1996 onstage for the first time in over a decade with a standing ovation. They broke up without doing a reunion tour, but the Van Halen brothers admitted that they never told Roth he was fully back in the band. In 2000, they shortly reunited for about a month but no new material came out. In 2006, Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth have both said that they are up to reuniting. And Eddie has even said that he is no longer angry at Roth and they could possibly play a couple of shows. But he also said that he is angry at Michael Anthony, the bass player, for calling him and Sammy Hagar the other half of van halen. I think that, since Ed is up to it, and Roth is up to it, and Alex will probably do it, I think the reunion is likely, but it won't be a true reunion because Anthony most likely won't be a part. Any opinions?
  3. DooMer87

    The Likeliness of the Van Halen Reunion

    no, because in my first post i said nothing about any rumors that it could be possibly really happening with an internet link. It pretty much is in the process right now, if this is true.
  4. DooMer87

    The Likeliness of the Van Halen Reunion

    hey, i hate to keep a dead topic alive, but they could actually get back together WITH DAVID LEE ROTH! http://vhnd.com/articles/061027-04.shtml It's kinda hard to believe after the 1996 thing, but it's real possible. And the people who think 70s-80s rock bands are dead and emo/boy band shit is in, those bands just plain suck balls.
  5. I bought today a Wifimax dongle from best buy. I go home, hoping to play socom on the internet in an hour or so. Well, it turns out, the thing is working at full signal thanks to website tips, but the problem is that my psp has a virtual IQ of a paper clip. It keeps telling me that there is a connection error, and when i try to change settings and test it, it says internal error. The WLAN switch is on. I just don't get it. What do i do to get the internet for psp working???????
  6. DooMer87

    Connecting the PSP to the internet

    actually, i'm trying to get infastructure. I've been to dozens of websites with people saying it worked and people saying it don't. I just need to know what the problem is. It seems like the psp cannot see the wifi max. i know it can, just what do i do?
  7. DooMer87

    Vice City Stories

    I am really looking forward to GTA: Vice City Stories for PSP, and possibly PS2. I would love to see the actual official website launch soon, but that will probably happen next week. The one thing i want in VCS is a killer V-Rock playlist. Late 70's, early 80's rock. What do you want from VCS, if you even liked Vice City?
  8. Let's say that on this very day, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, John Bonham, Bon Scott, and the cemetery-loads of rockstars that died prematurely are still living somehow. What would they have done? Like, for example, if Bon Scott, lead singer of AC/DC, was still alive, I think he would have gone solo after a few years, with the band reuniting somewhere around 1995, but Back in Black would have never been made, and Brian Johnson wouldn't be the lead singer of the band obviously. Double-edged sword. And John Bohnam, if he didn't die, maybe Zep would continue on, and I think they would have made synthesizers in the early 80's a major part of their new tracks, kinal like what Van Halen did with the album 1984. They didn't just throw synthesizers in, they had them before '84. And so did Zeppelin. But what do you think, if a lot of famous rockstars didn't die, and what would have happened to them and their bands?
  9. Wow, that's some pretty creepy stuff. If the government knew about 9/11 beforehand, why would they let thousands die and leave a nation stunned? I've read a book from an eyewitness of 9/11, so this conspiracy is very hard to believe, but you never know.
  10. DooMer87

    FIFA World Cup 2006

    hmm i have little to day about the world cup, although it did come to Chicago in 1994 if memory is correct. A lot of people say that the US doesn't care about it that much, and i think they're right, but there are some soccer people in the US. What comes to my mind is soccer moms.
  11. I think I've seen this question be asked before, and i think doomworld will probably never upgrade.
  12. DooMer87

    how to start Doom on PSP

    okay, I downloaded doom for psp 0.04 on my psp, but now i do not know how to start it. Can someone help?
  13. DooMer87

    Sony E3 so far

    So today they had the E3 press conference for Sony. I was impressed with some things for the PS3, but the motion sensor controller, well I gotta say that is a ripoff from nintendo. "Watch me flail my arms so i can move the object 6 degrees!" Anyway they also said, as you probably already know, that the Ps3 will come in 2 versions-20 Gigabyte for $500 and 60 gigabyte for $600. Now, IMO i'm probably getting the 60 gig even though of the crazy price. The PS3 and Wii are my top 2 choices, in that order. The Xbox 360...well that's just a shame that they didn't wait and rushed everything. Sooner or later, they will make all of their discs HD-DVD, and the Xbox 360 did not ship with an internal drive for the HD-DVD. You gotta go out and buy one, which will at my guess, although we'll probably find out Tuesday, $500, or around there. Now I think that the 60 gig is a better deal, because if you do the math you know what i'm talking about. The PSP i thought was OK, noticing how the guy mentioned security updates in 2.7. That's why I'm sticking with 2.6 firmware. Hopefully they can continue to work on that Download service, and I'm not exactly looking forward to the PSP eyetoy, if they do release one. So, I think that this week is going to reveal so much about what the game industry will become within the next few years. What will microsoft and nintendo do to counterattack against Sony and their megaprocessors and 1080p support and blu-ray drives, etc. HUGE MIND-BLOWING UPDATE: Grand theft auto IV and halo 3! This could mean big time for PS3 and Xbox 360...although I reccommend the PS3. The key word: Blu-ray.
  14. DooMer87

    Favorite game style and pwad/level

    Deathmatch>Doom 2>Brit10>all of them
  15. DooMer87

    Modders cause Oblivion to become M-Rated.

    I actually find this hard to believe. Maybe my mind needs to be rated M because I have the ability to think about pamela anderson. Next ESRB target: The sims 2!
  16. Ever since looking at old screenshots of doom, probably from 1993 and 1994, I was wondering which source port has the best old doom feel to it? You know, it's just hard to describe. This may be a stupid question, but I have Zdoom and it seems to give doom a different feel.
  17. DooMer87

    Any source ports with that 1993 "feel?"

    Eeeeek. I've had this problem with Zdoom before. Chocolate doom, once i extracted it and placed it in my 'WAD FILES' folder, which includes doom and doom 2, loaded doom 2, and had no video display at all. There wasn't an INI file, so what do i do this time around?
  18. DooMer87

    Nintendo Revolution Renamed to Official Name

    Heh wii as in what is it. What is it? It sounds weird for a console name. Revolution sounded better, as they were supposedly "starting a revolution". I'm still getting a PS3 because of the blu-ray drive and the cell processor that if you misuse you could destroy all of mankind.
  19. http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/04/17/ryan.verdict.ap/index.html Former Governor of Illinois convicted today of corruption charges, fraud, and such. Same with the co-defendant, who also got convicted on every count. Pretty big stuff in the Prarie State if i might add.
  20. You know, speaking of what kid airbag said, what if something like this was held in a FFA server on zdaemon? Just imagine, like it would be in Dwango 5 m1, and the dead guy would be in the exit sign pit, and then some guy takes the BFG and wipes them all out. Funny stuff happens. Someone should make a fake Doom funeral video and with the same stuff happening. Would make me laugh my ass off even more.
  21. DooMer87

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    I've been playing Zdaemon since 2004 i think, and i love it. A lot of servers, lots of oldschool maps, CTF, but i never got around to skulltag. I'm always on #zdplayers if im not playing zdaemon. Recently theres been a lot of cheating at zdaemon i think cuz Raider started posting warnings and he cancelled all tourneys altogether until version 1.09. But i stick to zdaemon because of CTF mostly, and Brit11 FFA.
  22. DooMer87

    Snakes on a Plane (EDIT : video is dead)

    This does sound like some kind of skit...anyway what would be the point? What if the Crocodile Guy from australia was on the plane, then he could just strangle them like how he always does with animals. Hey, no one suggested throwing the snakes out a door or window, or flushing them down a toilet.
  23. DooMer87

    Confusing Zdoom resolution problem

    Good news: I found the .ini! It was a notepad with a crank/wheel thingy on the icon. I found where to fix the resolution, and i did. I went into zdoom, and completed the fix and changed it back to my regular one. Thanks to you guys, I can still play doom. Therefore, case closed, and thread closed.
  24. Ok, i was testing resolutions in Zdoom .98, and i go to 5:4 aspect ratio. there are 2 resolutions to choose from, 1080X1204 (something like that) and this other one that started with a 5. I normally use the bigger one, and i move my arrow keys and highlight the one with a 5. I press enter, and the screen goes black and never returns. The sound is still there, the scrolling sound, yes. I reinstalled, had same problem. Absolutely NO DISPLAY. When i start i hear the start up sounds. It's just that the resolution is screwed up! This might not be all my fault because when i ended zdoom after the problem occured it gave me that big error box. I WANT TO PLAY SINGLE PLAYER DOOM AGAIN! Whoever helps me gets a cookie. But please, does anyone know how to fix this?
  25. DooMer87

    Confusing Zdoom resolution problem

    i have not a clue how to do that, sorry my doom folder is so screwed up with old wads. How do i edit the INI file, and where would i find it? Near zdoom?