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  1. Dusty

    Reaper miniatures - cyberdemon

    Thanks for mentioning me! I have a few dozen Cyberdemons already but could always use another one. Maffyp - I hope you got a good price for it! Dusty
  2. Dusty

    Doom Reaper Miniatures

    Private message sent! Dusty
  3. Gruson - I remember you well. Still need an Archvile? You're the (rare) kind of guy I would be willing to sell a piece to. I know its going to the right hands! Cheers, Dusty
  4. Dusty

    Physical Doom Collection

    This is roughly 50-60% of my collection. Very old pic at this point, I haven't had the space nor the time to get my entire collection out and try to get 1 pic of it. Cheers, Dusty
  5. Romero-signed v1.7 Doom2 disks for $2,500? LOL, no thanks. And yeah, John moved to Ireland 5+ years ago with his wife. Good luck to all the bidders, I'm out on this one. Dusty
  6. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    I may have missed it. I've been traveling a lot the last couple of months and definitely have missed some emails - please resend.
  7. Dusty

    Doom Reaper Miniatures

    Funny how the same thing is viewed so differently by 2 people. I have hundreds of hours into finding, collecting, painting and hanging display cases, photographing, writing descriptions, etc etc etc of my id Software collection (not just a DOOM collection). I do it because its a hobby and I enjoy having them around me as I play games. If having lots of them makes me a "crazy loot hoarder", so be it. I also choose to have multiple cars because I love to drive, so guess I'm a crazy car hoarder too. I have multiple shirts too, silly me. I don't DENY anyone to complete their collection. Its called TIME. PATIENCE. EFFORT. The same things it took me to build my collection. I take pride in hunting down each item one at a time. I enjoy the process. Its 100% fine with me if you want 1 of everything, I would never dream to insult someone for that. What I don't understand is why a stranger comes along and insults me for wanting more than 1 of everything (and gladly putting in the resources to obtain my goals). I haven't done anything that anyone else couldn't do if they wanted to. Dusty
  8. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    Yes. According to Ed, co-owner of Reaper, there are "between 15 and 20" of each of the 2 designs. Most (about 15 each) went to current id employees, a few floated around the offices of Reaper. Who knows how many are permanently lost or destroyed though. You're sitting on a piece worth +/- $2,000 - congrats!
  9. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    The same reason a Picasso prices at over $100,000,000. 1 of 1 is about as rare as it gets.
  10. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    As the owner of 6 of the rejected Cyberdemons, I can confirm your price range is accurate. While I did get a couple "cheap", the average price is definitely $2k on one of these. And that is based on what I paid several years ago. Things like these only go up, kind of like collecting art.
  11. Dusty

    Reaper miniatures prototype Cyberdemons

    I wrote that section of Doom Wiki a few years ago. I still have the pics online but the links updated in 2014 thanks to a co-worker accidentally deleting my entire personal website and years of work. You can go through the pics yourself to see the differences. I have multiple of each version painted professionally by Ed and Dave Pugh of Reaper, as well as original untouched versions. http://v8killer.com/doom/reaper/cyber01.jpg http://v8killer.com/doom/reaper/cyber02.jpg ...and so on through http://v8killer.com/doom/reaper/cyber28.jpg Version 1 on the left, final in the middle, and version 2 on the right. V2 is slightly beefier than V1, you can see it in the mechanical leg and stomach the easiest in the pics. In person the differences are more dramatic, and there's a lot of little details that changed as well. The final version, of course, looks WAY different than V1 or V2. Oh - and I definitely still collect! My Facebook has a few pictures of my collection online. Cheers, Dusty
  12. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    I agree completely. Are the Doom Reapers rare? Yes, definitely. Are they extremely rare still sealed on the Reaper card? Oh yeah, for sure! But as I have collected well over 600 Doom Reaper Minis in every condition from loose, on card, primed, hobby painted, professionally painted...I can't call them amazingly rare. I've turned down hundreds more or I'd probably be over 1,000 now. LOL! I'll take that as a compliment for sure. But again, agree with you completely. I have some insanely rare pieces, including 2 pieces that are literally 1 of 1 and verified with COA from the co-owners of Reaper that I obtained in person. Being the owner of these I'm partial of course, but I feel like some of my 1 or 1 items in the entire world are some of the holy grails, per se. If there can be only 1 holy grail, then no, I may not have that, but everyone will have an opinion to what the one, single holy grail is. One thing you can count on - I will continue to try to find and collect it! :-)
  13. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    I have that box but its only about 5ft tall. That's it sitting in the middle of this pic.
  14. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    Haha, great find man! Duncanville makes sense as several former id employees cleaned out their closets when they moved on and had no idea what the Doom Reapers were worth.
  15. Dusty

    What is the holy grail of Doom collectibles?

    AWESOME! I have a very few of those as well with "SAMPLE" hand scratched into it. Extremely rare! Its not the only one in the world but quite close. May I ask how you obtained it? Congrats, Dusty