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  1. rodent

    The 9800 Pro AIW Saga - DVD vs. DOOM

    I sent you an email. My other advice would be to research SafeDisc 3.2 as that is what the disc uses. Is your CD/DVD drive very hold? Hunt the forums, sorry wish I had more info. Check your email.
  2. rodent

    The 9800 Pro AIW Saga - DVD vs. DOOM

    Some Llama: ATI previous drivers Rookie: try this : Activision Support For me it was the CloneCd. Even when turned off, etc..that setting had to be set. I hope this helps. If not just get a NOCD exe.
  3. Well, I am writing this in case anyone else out there has similar hadrware, maybe you can save yourself the hours that I did. System Specs: Asus A8NX-DLX-E 1GB Kinston RAM 9800 Pro All in Wonder, SB Live 5.1 Plat. 80 / 120 / 120 GB WD Hard Drives, 8MB Windows XP SP1 Upon installing Doom3 I ran into several problems, one was the CD emulation bug, got around that, then I ran into a crashing bug. Every time I would load a game...the loading bar would complete and then the game would crash to the desktop. Well I updated to Catalyst 4.7 and this allowed me to play. I had been running a retail install of the drivers, because in my experience running an All in Wonder card...the drivers have so many facets...if it works, don't upgrade without reason! Well, all was good and I played Doom3 and got scared like a little street urchin with no parents. Then a few days later, I tried to watch a movie using my AIW card and Rage Theater audio...which outputs AC3 to my speakers via SPDIF. Well the audio and video was all choppy. If I downmixed using the cyberrender option, it was fine. But I want my AC3 damn it. So I did some digging. Well, according to ATI, that is a known issue with Multimedia Center 9.1, but I had not upgraded that. So, I think it is not really based on the MMC, but the display driver. So, I rolled back to retail install (a pain in the ass) and then tried driver combinations until one worked. Two hours later, I found the sweet spot: Catalyst 4.5 one pack (Includes display drivers, WDM, and DAO), then Multimedia Center 9.0. This combination allows me to play Doom3 and use Rage Theater output playing DVDs. If I move forward in drivers, then the DVD error occurs. If I move back, then I cannot play Doom3. Now, I would love to to benefit from the performance of Catalyst 4.9s. However, I am running High Quailty at 10x7, not sure of fps, but I am pretty happy with it. In any case, until ATI allows me to do both, I am not gonna give up digital 5.1 for DVDs just to play. So, if anyone else out there has the same hardware, maybe this will help you.
  4. Excellent points, Cobalt. But then again I am a professional geek, making dough on decisive work ethics, not a 14 year old 'gamer' :) I think customization/hacking is taking on a huge role in the world. While it is most obvious in this arena...it is happening everywhere, cars, computers, xmods, cellphones...everybody wants to tweak everything. This is actually a revival of the backyard hobbyist in the 50s. But of course many of the young un's don't know that. Call it hacking/tweaking/whatever...it goes back to the MIT model railroad club. This is simply the most recent incarnation. Great platforms live for years...in the automotive world (VW), computer world, etc. When you find a platform that has that ability AND is pretty damn good out of the box, I am impressed. Bring on the mods, Cobalt. I think they will be awesome. Even coming from me...including "SureFire" gun mounted light mod. Different then designed, yes...but would be a bunch of fun for fast destructive gameplay.
  5. I could agree with that. I have kinda accepted that Doom just IS. It may never be again...it was just a great era for those of us that were lucky enough to see it in its original time. I don't konw how you could ever do that again. After a while I think it would get boring...Serious Sam turned into "how much ammo can I grab" a lot. But I certainly see your point. I am just tired of 14 years old whining when they have no idea what DOOM really was at the time. In any case, this was a huge departure from the MP/Arena craze that has dominated for the last few years: Halo...Q3A...UT2003/4 Just that switch is great in my opinion...back to immersive SP. That is a change that had to be led by id or valve, I think. That in itself is a big step in my reinvolvement (I have been concentrating on RTS games since Q2) Take a grain of salt with this, as I am less that 50% the game, some opinions might not be formed.
  6. It seems that a lot of this reminds me of the fan following for the Matrix. People seem to not understand the duality of the word unique. If something is truly unique the first time around a sequel has two options: 1. be truly unique again 2. be similar to the first one They are at least in a total sense, mutually exclusive. Personally, I think Matrix Reloaded did an excellent job at picking number 1, and then a lot of people flamed it because it was not like the first one. In actuallity it was like the first one in the fact that it established new ground and made the storyline totally new again. Revolutions did not do this so much... But back to games.. Doom was a first literally, in many many ways. So many things have come and gone since then, it is very hard to use something and not evoke a reference to some other game. So, on one hand id wants to cater to the feeling of the great ever lasting DOOM. And on the other hand, they want to create a feeling new enough to draw in another generation. Actually I think they picked a great mix. Yet seems everyone is alternately complaining about the both. "We'll nothing is new...We'll it's not the same as the old" I think it is a true FPS. Is that formulaic? A bit. Do I have a problem with it? NO...for fuck's sake it defined the term FPS. So it gives a classic FPS feel with an awesome engine, great storyline, great sound. Maybe formulaic, but it is a good formula. And is claustrophobic, creapy, SP FPS, something I have not really felt since Quake or Half Life.
  7. rodent

    CD/DVD Emulation Error

    And, aero, no worries, you were not a dick, I was just annoyed at the stupid thing last night. The message is just so damn vague, it might as well be the CDROM. I am using the reloaded NOCD for now, and it is working jsut fine.
  8. rodent

    CD/DVD Emulation Error

    Well, then Gatey, don't accuse me of having warez :-) That was as much a flame as my description of an actual problem.
  9. rodent


    Agreed! I just finished playing for an hour (after several techinical issues, curse Activision and their emulation crap error) and wow. I took a few minutes for my heart rate to settle again. And I am just getting started..I LOVE IT. System Specs: Asus A8NX-DLX-E Athlon XP 2800+ 1 GB (Dual Channel 512MB) ATI 9800 Pro All in Wonder Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Plat. WD 80 / 120 / 120 - 8MB It auto-ed at medium quality, I bumped it up to high/8x6/full and it looks great. I loved just getting involved in the game the atmosphere the first 30 minutes. Things a bit dark, I wish I could carry a gun mounted flashlight. But the realism is great, the graphics are awesome. In the end a Z-sec wasted my ass, and I have to work in the morning. So I will start again tomorrow (without techinical problems) But again, WOW!
  10. rodent

    CD/DVD Emulation Error

    Aeroripper, it was a joke. That was my point, what could I possibly have going. Gatewatcher...screw you. I bought my copy at 7pm at Gamestop. I am tired of everyone in every forum bitching about "Is it BETA?" when everyone posts s problem. First off, a some of us, granted not must, that post here have jobs and money, and bought the game legit. Just because you don't have it doesn't mean some store is not selling. Second, watch the forums, particularly over at PlanetDOOM. As the night goes on, more and more people have it, and more and more people have problems. Namely certain configurations of ATI 9800's have speckles, although mine is fine. Also there are a number of games crash issues. Twig, I feel you. Skullfish, thanks. That is exactly what I did. I am using a nocd exe. Then after that, I still had to tweak drivers. So, I have played for a bout an hour and WOW. But still the CD/DVD thing annoys the piss out of me. If they are gonna stop the game for something that generic, at least freaking tell me the process or key causing it. This is a game where I would have actually used the legit disk for the 'new' feeling. And fyi, I work in IT, I have scoured the registery, disabled clone drive, AnyDVD, etc, etc. Even killed the Elaborate Bytes registry hive. The only thing left would be uninstall the clone software and that is not happening, as I use it to make backup .ISOs in case of media failure. F*cking activision could have at least documented the error code.
  11. rodent

    CD/DVD Emulation Error

    Well guys, bad news! I got my copy at 7:05pm at the local Gamestop. Go home, and install before 8:00pm, order pizza, hang up, click the icon and WHAM: CD/DVD Emulation has been detected. Please disable all emulation and restart Doom3. Well...I have turned off AnyDVD, disable Virtual Clone Drive and even deleted the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Elaborate Bytes] hive from my registry, still butkiss. So, I am guessing I am one of the early ones, and noone has an answer yet. So, beware...there is no specific troubleshooting out there. Sounds like this is pretty good copy protection...Do you have a CD ROM? Oh, well sorry then, can't run .exe I am about 5 minutes away from using a NOCD. Which really pisses me off, since I gave $60 on the first day.
  12. rodent

    Gamestop about to ship game?

    I just spoke with the Gamestop, just down the street (DFW area) They have my reservation. According to the employee, they are not allowed to sell until Monday at 7pm. If they violate this, people are fired, etc, etc. She said she does not think they copies are there yet, but will be there Sunday night or Monday. So...if everything I am hearing is right. It sounds like actual street date is the second! Interestingly, she did ask my name and verify my reservation before she would tell me that.
  13. rodent

    Doom III's possibilities

    Dude, Dawn of the Dead would be impressive if done well. Flashlight, Pistol, Shutgun. Huge dark sprawling mall level. Maybe a hot chick birthing a demon spawn. And of course a little messenger dog (built on a robo-turret)
  14. rodent

    my Doom 3 countdown

    You have to make it an Active Desktop object. Then active desktop treats the html page and its contents as an object on your desktop
  15. rodent

    my Doom 3 countdown

    For those annoyed by the sound just make the background image your wallpaper. Then add "www.ua-corp.com/nosound.html" as a desktop item. All credit for this idea goes to some guy on planetdoom who did it a few days ago