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  1. I apologize for posting too many questions.

  2. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I used it, the max of visplanes is 86. Edit: I compared that number to E1M1's max, I really have to optimize my map
  3. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I have another question: Should I avoid making straight sectors and make more curves so less flats can be visible?
  4. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I know the limit of visplanes is 128, some parts of my WAD reach 90, should I worry about it? I want it to be vanilla compatible.
  5. Jack9955

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Brazil flag shaped head
  6. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    Yes, but if I delete the sector, the textures of the linedefs bordering it are removed.
  7. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    It's the opposite, I want a void between these parts, but UDB automatically creates a sector there.
  8. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I found it, but it still creates a sector. Edit: I tried it on different editors, they all did the same thing.
  9. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I can't find that option, can you send a print?
  10. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I am getting tired of this, I am trying to make a secret passageway to a rocket launcher but UDB automatically fills a sector in the middle, removes the "Impassable" box and also removes the textures of the linedefs.
  11. Jack9955

    A lot of Jack

    I am making a window with ammo behind it to give the player a military base feel, the lower texture of the back side does not have any textures, is it even necessary to add a texture? the player can not reach there.