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  1. Rick-sama

    Thanks CodeImp!

    I agree.
  2. Rick-sama

    how do i play my maps?

    I use ZDOOM and I have a shortcut that goes straight to the level that I want to test. You could make a shortcut like this... C:\ZDOOM\zdoom.exe -file mywad.wad +map e1m3 (or +map map05)
  3. Rick-sama

    Editor's Request

    It doesn't seem like that would be hard to implement. It doesn't sound like a terribly useful feature though. I believe Duke3D had an automap that showed the floor textures, but that was ingame and not an editor.
  4. Rick-sama

    Unfixable BSP hole

    That seemed to fix it. You know your way around mapping! Thanks alot CodePimp. You're the man! Doom Builder is the greatest. My compliments.
  5. Rick-sama

    Unfixable BSP hole

    I'm using ZDOOM and Doom Builder. The error isn't ZDOOM's fault.
  6. Rick-sama

    Unfixable BSP hole

    A wall (linedef) in my map is one big bsp hole. I've tried everything to fix it. It doesn't show up in the error checking search and only shows up in the game. In Sector Selection mode the room with the bad wall highlights when my cursor is only NEXT to the bad linedef. I dont' think it's my fault, I didn't do anything wrong. I've used other tools for mapping for years. The room was fine until I deleted a certain linedef. (Wasn't an important one) A person can't map if he can't delete unwanted linedefs. Hopefully this is a fixable error and I can salvage my room. The bad linedef is the leftmost one. http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/6756/badline3pj.gif
  7. Rick-sama

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    I made a wallpaper of my E1M8 map. http://img35.exs.cx/img35/8274/WALL-D1D3.jpg
  8. Rick-sama

    My first Doom3 map (SCREENS)

    Impressive. I like it.
  9. Rick-sama

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    I used XWE the Wad Editor to view the textures in my Doom.wad, then I print screened and cropped them in Photoshop.
  10. Rick-sama

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    Its a Doom 1 texture with specular.
  11. Rick-sama

    Remake episode 1 for Doom 3...

    A little something I'm working on... E1M8
  12. Rick-sama

    New movie. Cacodemon inside!

    My link works. Just right click it.
  13. Rick-sama

    Co-op mod?

    If there is a Doom 3 coop mod, I'm sure as hell playing it.
  14. Rick-sama

    New movie. Cacodemon inside!

    If anybody wants a clip of the new "Caco" they can download it here. http://rick-sama.tripod.com/d3/Caco.wmv It even has some spiffy music! Feel free to help me host it, as this link may not stay up long.